Cardiff ufo
© UnknownHere is a photo taken Cardiff, 18th July 2009(with cropped enlargement )
Posted: July 28, 2009

Location of Sighting: Cardiff, UK and Portinatx, Ibiza
Date of Sighting: Cardiff 18th July and 26th June and Ibiza 11th June 2009
Time: Around midnight for all

Witness Statement: Ibiza - group of around 15 people sat in bar in hotel over looking the bay, looked out to see huge bright orange light, and I mean huge, sat over the water which was still. Stayed there for a few minutes then disappeared as if it was going out of the universe.

Marshfield ,Cardiff - first sighting was down the Port O'Call pub 26th June, this bright orange light was moving across the sky but it was cloudy so after a few minutes it was no longer visible. Second sighting was 18th July at my partner's dads farm talking to my friends when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big bright orange light out the window. Not as big as the one in Ibiza but bigger than the last one I saw.

It was moving at a slowish pace across the farm and unfortunately trees blocked our view after a bit so went back in. All of these bright orange lights were silent, lower than a plane and those that moved just moved in a straight line also all sightings were around midnight and close to the sea. These were definitely not chinese lanterns or air crafts. Did anyone else see the same sightings??