In June, 1974, Time Magazine unleashed a mountain of evidence to support what scientists - at the time - suspected was the onset of a coming ice age. Characterizing it's evidence as "telltale signs everywhere", the article went back three decades to summarize statistics and events which pointed towards global cooling.

Newsweek Magazine conducted it's own investigation about a year later, concluding that evidence supporting a coming ice age had "begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists (were) hard-pressed to keep up with it all."

When average temperatures over a 100 year period were found to have risen about a half-degree Celsius, the global cooling drum beat faded in lieu of a new worry - Global Warming. Environmentalist, looking for a way to connect man-made pollution to a more substantial argument, blamed CO2 emissions as the culprit for changes in the earth's climate. The drum beat of Global Warming grew louder and louder until the turn of the century - when climate data began defying weather model predictions and climate trend forecasts.

As cold climate data rolled in and continued to roll in, Global Warming proponents went into damage control mode. The term "Global Warming" was dropped in lieu of the more 'scientifically correct' term "Climate Change". Of course, a bridge was needed to explain this change of tactic and one was provided by suggesting both were occurring at once.

Now, the argument for a coming ice age is gaining ground - and this time, scientists have real, tangible, physical evidence to support it. What's more, scientists do not have to rely on computer models to predict it. They have real world history, sound science and endless statistics to back it up.

But wait. Didn't we see irrefutable proof that the Arctic ice caps were melting? Indeed we did - and although scientist now see the Arctic ice caps recovering, we have recently learned something else. The south pole accumulated MORE ice at almost the same rate the north pole lost ice. Global Warming apparently likes some parts of the world more than others.

This article certainly doesn't seek to disprove global warming. Global Warming absolutely has occurred on our planet and others. The planet Mars has polar ice caps very similar to the Earth's - and guess what? They are melting too - according to NASA. If Martians are driving around their planet in Green SUV's we certainly haven't found them yet.

It also appears the planet Jupiter has joined the Global Warming hysteria. Did you know Jupiter now has a 3rd "Big Red Spot"? Can you guess what NASA blamed as the cause for this change? Yep, climate change.

This article does, however, question why Global Warming continues to overshadow other serious environmental concerns when many scientists are quietly reversing course. When was the last time someone asked you to plant a tree for the environment? Probably quite awhile, since trees love CO2, and that poses a problem for those trying to convince you to hate CO2.

NASA, a Global Warming proponent, has recently acknowledged Global Cooling. It was hard pressed, however, to explain this change in the environment without reversing everything it had said about Global Warming. Finally, it blamed volcanic activity as the reason for a worldwide decline in temperatures. Some "experts" even argued that global warming causes global cooling - although they don't know why exactly. (of course)

NASA then blamed Solar Variability as the reason why temperatures are dropping. The fact that glaciers are forming and ocean water is cooling was deftly downplayed as mere "speedbumps" of Global Warming.

Record snowfall and falling temperatures created another problem for Global Warming advocates. So the "experts" huddled together in 2008 and emerged with the answer. They proudly announced that Global Warming now causes more snow - wait, what?

On a more humorous take, the United Nations released a 400 page report blaming cow flatulence for increased CO2 emissions. The report went on to insist that cow emissions were more damaging to the planet than CO2 from cars. Now congress is debating a tax on animal farts as a method of battling Global Warming.

Now it seems more and more scientists are returning to their original argument of global cooling. The challenge facing scientists now is how to blame man for it. (and yes, they already have that argument waiting in the wings).

Either way, science does have a pretty good theory going on right now. A theory that might explain why we're experiencing global warming one decade and then global cooling the next.

Sun Spots

At first, the connection between sun spots and climate change was largely ignored because it was at odds with the more-popular argument of man-made Global Warming. The real science behind sun spot activity had no voice in a world that banged the drum relentlessly for Global Warming - and even now, the media rarely talks about it.

But it seems we might have a real problem looming - and yes, it's a problem worth panicking over. If the predicted cooling trend continues, it may have a devastating effect on how the world feeds itself.

In Russia, where Global Warming is not a hot button issue, scientists are pleading with the international community to stop wasting time on Global Warming - so we can begin preparing for the devastation that Global Cooling will surely bring.

The good news about Global Cooling is that scientists are getting their glaciers back. The bad news is.... well..... if you aren't a fan of shoveling your driveway, you may have many long years of misery ahead.

In January, 2009 the Space And Science Research Center (SSRC) sent a letter to President Obama's science advisor, Dr. John Holdren. The letter warned in clear terms that "Global Warming is over; a new cold climate has arrived."

SSRC director, John Casey, called on Dr. Holdren to immediately reverse course on global warming programs and start preparing the country for an era of "bitter cold".

Mr. Casey went on to say "There can no longer be any doubt that the Sun has entered an historic period of dramatically reduced activity which will bring us many long years of deep cold weather."

Primarily what the doctor is talking about is Sun spot activity - or rather the lack of them. In fact, the Sun seems to be going through an extended reprieve from producing Sun spots, and this isn't necessarily a good thing.

NASA and the SSRC aren't the only one's rattled by what they see the Sun doing. The news is spreading like a wildfire across the scientific community because no living scientist has ever seen the Sun this "quiet" before. The last time this happened was 400 years ago - and it signaled a solar event known as "Maunder Minimum." What came after that period is beginning to sound awfully familiar. It was a brief warming period that was followed by bitter cold weather known as "The Little Ice Age."

Now this deserves repeating - because it may help us understand what's really going on right now. In the years before The Little Ice Age, scientists say the Earth experienced unseasonably high temperatures now called the Medievil Warm Period. This whole period followed fluctuations in known sunspot activity at the time which apparently lead to a period of drought and famine.

Is it just coincidence that we experienced warm temperatures in the 80's and 90's only to see those temperatures drop sharply as Sun spot activity comes to a halt? And what will happen if that trend doesn't reverse. Another Little Age Age?

Studies of long term cooling trends have measured the impact cold weather has on health, trade, food production and environment. The results are alarming at best and seem to be already wreaking havoc with the environment.

The disappearance of sunspots happens every few years, but this time it's gone on far longer than anyone expected - and scientists have yet to see any signs that Sun activity is "waking up".

This article cannot get into a thorough discussion of what's going with the Sun - but it does explain why you haven't heard much about Global Warming in the scientific community over the last few years.

More than a few scientists are noticing that our Sun is following a similar path that caused Maunder Minimum, and another Little Ice Age wouldn't bode well for scientists who continue to insist the Earth is continuing to heat up.

All four agencies that track Earth's temperature (the Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, the Christy group at the University of Alabama, and Remote Sensing Systems Inc in California) report that the Earth cooled by about 0.7C in 2007. This is the fastest temperature change since the agencies began keeping records and sharply reverse all Global Warming gains since 1930.

Those cold temperatures lingered on in 2008 and then again in 2009. Did you know we were on the verge of completing a full decade of continued cooling? That's no small thing, considering the 1970's also brought a decade of record cold weather. As time clicks by, the warm weather spike of the 90's is becoming just that. A spike of warm weather years surrounded by decades of cold weather.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

What if Global Warming is flat wrong and we are indeed headed for an ice age? It would mean our society is spending precious resources, time and energy on the one thing we shouldn't be worrying about. All the while, our rain forests are continuing to evaporate, our water supplies are becoming contaminated and other REAL environmental issues go ignored while Al Gore jets around the globe expanding his 'carbon footprint'.

Food and medicine are usually in high demand and short supply during winter months. Imagine what havoc a gradual cooling trend would have on a society that continued to reject the notion that Global Warming might be wrong?

Remember when the nation's stores of flu vaccine ran out a few years ago? That should tell you how TRULY unprepared we are for the problems global cooling would bring.

Congress has devoted a large chunk of our tax dollars to global warming research and is currently debating Cap and Trade - a bill that will drive up energy prices for millions of Americans.

Congress is about to make businesses and Americans pay dearly for the Global Warming cause, despite poll data that ranks the issue dead LAST on the list of things Americans are currently concerned with.

We'll let you decide what is truth and what is fiction. But while you're thinking, consider the many cases of progressively low temperatures below.

The following links do not go to right wing conspirators, rogue scientist sites or personal agenda blogs. These links go to everyday news reports from across the world. Taken one at a time, these reports seem somewhat unconvincing. But together they are a fairly potent argument that perhaps we're not on the right course as a society.

So enjoy a long summer of Global Warming bluster and political grandstanding. But remember, winter is always right around the corner and according to many scientists - it may be coming with a vengeance.