© AP Photo/Brazil's Air Force
Navy sailors recover debris of the missing Air France Flight 447 from the Atlantic Ocean on June 9.
Beyond an increasing body count, little new information emerged on Friday from official sources regarding the crash of Air France Flight 447.

(By official sources, I mean the Brazilian military's official bulletins, France's investigations unit BEA, Air France and Airbus.)

Brazilian military searchers pulled three more bodies out of the ocean on Thursday night, bringing the total body count to 44. The French Navy has also found an undisclosed number of bodies, according to Brazilian military bulletins.

The plane crashed with 228 on board.

Brazil has 585 Navy and 255 Air Force personnel dedicated to the search.

Searchers are finding that wreckage is moving with ocean currents. Weather is limiting the effectiveness of the search.

"Despite these meteorological limitations, the search will continue, always in the areas that offer the best conditions for low level visual flight," a Brazil military bulletin said.

Other developments, which seem to focus on the bodies and rely on anonymous official sources:

# The first 16 bodies analyzed had their clothes torn off, and did not have burn marks. Buenos Aires Herald

# Most of the bodies had minimal clothing, no signs of burns, multiple fractures and no water in their lungs, according to a newspaper report. Bloomberg

# A senior Brazilian official says there is little chance of finding all the victims. (Boston Globe/AP)