The Pentagon after the collapse of the impacted wall.
Following in the footsteps of well over 1,000 scientists and other professional groups who have already gone on record questioning the official theory, more than 40 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans have come forward to challenge the Government's rendition of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Their behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience of sensitive and classified issues places them in a uniquely authoritative position. In this sense, their critical stance is all the more damning for the government. Conspicuously absent from the landscape are the mainstream media professionals, as they continue to provide cover for the government's totally bankrupt theory and fail to report on landmark developments such as this.

Official Account of 9/11:"Terribly Flawed," "Laced with Contradictions," "a Joke," "a Cover-up"

More than 40 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and most have called for a new investigation. It is outrageous that most Americans are entirely unaware of their publicly stated concerns - a direct result of the refusal of national print and broadcast news organizations to cover this extremely important issue. There is no denying the credibility of these individuals or their loyalty to their country as demonstrated by their years of service collecting and analyzing information and planning and carrying out operations critical to the national security of the United States.

These 41 individuals formerly served in the U.S. State Department, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the branches of the U.S. Military. They are listed below by their branch of service. [To read their individual statements and full complementary information, see attached document "Counterterrorism Veterans"].

U.S. State Department

Terrell E. Arnold, MA - Former Deputy Director of Counter- Terrorism and Emergency Planning, U.S. State Department. Mr. Arnold is a leading expert on terrorism and counter-terrorism and the author of several books on the subjects.

Angelo Codevilla, PhD - Former U.S. State Department Foreign Service officer specializing in U.S. intelligence operations in Western Europe. Member of President-elect Ronald Reagan's State Department transition team and principal author of the team's report on intelligence. Former Staff Member, U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee dealing with oversight of the intelligence services 1977 - 1985. Former U.S. Navy officer. Currently Vice Chairman of the U.S. Army War College Board of Visitors.

Edward Peck - Former Deputy Coordinator, Covert Intelligence Programs, U.S. State Department. He later served as Deputy Director of the White House Task Force on Terrorism under President Ronald Reagan. Mr. Peck, a 32-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service, also served as U.S. Ambassador and Chief of Mission in Iraq 1977 - 1980.

National Security Agency

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski - A Pentagon eye-witness and a former member of the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret).

Maj. John M. Newman, PhD - U.S. Army (ret). Former Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency.

Central Intelligence Agency

Raymond McGovern - A 27-year veteran of the CIA, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates during the 1970's

William Christison - A 29-year CIA veteran, former National Intelligence Officer (NIO) and former Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis.

Melvin Goodman, PhD - Former senior CIA official who served as Division Chief of the CIA's Office of Soviet Affairs and Senior Analyst from 1966 - 1990. He also served as Professor of International Security at the National War College 1986 - 2004.

Robert Baer - A 21-year CIA veteran and specialist in the Middle East, he was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal upon his retirement in 1997.

Robert David Steele - Is currently the CEO of, a proponent of Open Source Intelligence. He has 25 years of combined service in the CIA and the U.S. Marine Corps. He also served as the second ranking civilian (GS-14) in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence from 1988 - 1992 and was a member of the adjunct faculty of Marine Corps University.

David MacMichael, PhD - Former Senior Estimates Officer at the CIA with special responsibility for western hemisphere affairs at the CIA's National Intelligence Council. Prior to that, he served as a U.S. Marine Corps officer for ten years and for four years as a counter-insurgency advisor to the government.

Lynne Larkin - Former CIA Operations Officer who served in several CIA foreign stations before being assigned to the CIA's Counter-Intelligence Center where she co-chaired a multiagency task force for coordinating intelligence efforts among the many intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Edward J. Costello, Jr. - Former Special Agent, Counterespionage, FBI. Former Judge pro tem., Los Angeles, CA.

John M. Cole - Former Intelligence Operations Specialist, in the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. In charge of FBI's foreign intelligence investigations covering India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 18-year FBI career. Mr. Cole currently works as a senior counterintelligence analyst.

Sibel D. Edmonds - Witness before the 9/11 Commission. Former Language Translation Specialist, performing translations for counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations, FBI. She is founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

Rosemary N. Dew - Former Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence, FBI. Former member of The President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) and the Electronic Commerce/Cyber Crime Working Group. 13-year FBI career.

Gilbert M. Graham - Retired Special Agent, who served in the FBI's Washington Field Office Counterintelligence Division. 24-year FBI career.

Behrooz Sarshar - Witness before the 9/11 Commission. Retired Language Translation Specialist, performing Farsi translations for counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations dealing with Iran and Afghanistan, FBI.

Jane A. Turner - Retired Special Agent, FBI. 24-year FBI career.

John B. Vincent - Retired Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI. 27-year FBI career.

Fred Whitehurst, JD, PhD - Retired Supervisory Special Agent / Laboratory Forensic Examiner, FBI. 16-year FBI career. Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer.

Coleen Rowley - Former Special Agent and Minneapolis Division Counsel, FBI. 24-year FBI career. Agent Rowley was selected one of Time Magazine's three 2002 Persons of the Year for revealing FBI headquarters' efforts to "throw up roadblocks and undermine" FBI field investigations of al-Qaida operatives in the four weeks prior to 9/11.

Robert G. Wright, Jr. - Special Agent, International Terrorism Unit, FBI. The only FBI agent to seize terrorist funds (over $1.4 million) from U.S.-based Middle Eastern terrorists using federal civil forfeiture statutes, prior to 9/11. 17-year FBI veteran.

Federal Aviation Administration

Bogdan Dzakovic - Witness before the 9/11 Commission. 14- year Counter-terrorism expert in the Security Division of the Federal Aviation Administration. Team leader of the FAA's Red (Terrorism) Team, which conducted undercover tests on airport security through simulated terrorist attacks. Former team leader in the Federal Air Marshal program. Former Coast Guard officer.

Steve Elson - Former Special Agent with the U.S. Navy, DEA and FAA. Specialist in Counterterrorism, Intelligence, and Security. Twenty-two years military experience, primarily in Naval Special Warfare. Retired Navy SEAL. Nine years service with the FAA and DEA. Mr. Elson holds a Masters Degree in National Security Affairs/Naval Intelligence with a focus on terrorism.

Lt. Col. Brian F. Sullivan - U.S. Army Military Police (ret). Former Special Agent for the FAA's New England Region Security Division, where he was a Risk Program Management Specialist. A graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Mark Conrad, JD - Retired Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs, responsible for the internal integrity and security for areas encompassing nine states and two foreign locations. Former Federal Sky Marshall. 27-year U.S. Customs career.

Raymond Ciccolilli - Former U.S. Sky Marshal and Senior U.S. Customs Inspector, retired after 33 years.

Department of Defense and U.S. Military Intelligence Veterans

Major General Albert Stubblebine - U.S. Army (ret). Former Commanding General of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

Morton Goulder (1921 - 2008) - was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Warning under President Richard Nixon and continued in that capacity under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. In World War II, he served as a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy. He was a cofounder of Sanders Associates, a large defense contractor.

Senator Mike Gravel - Former U.S. Army officer, serving as the Adjutant in the Communications Intelligence Service in Germany and as a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps in France. Former U.S. Senator from Alaska, best known for entering over 4,000 pages of the Pentagon Papers into the U.S. Senate record, thus making public the secret official study that revealed the lies and manipulations of successive U.S. administrations that misled the country into the Vietnam War.

Wayne Madsen - Former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer, specialist in electronic surveillance and security. Formerly assigned to the National Security Agency and the State Department. Currently, investigative journalist, nationally distributed columnist, and author. Senior Fellow, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a non-partisan privacy public advocacy group in Washington, DC.

John Loftus - Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer. Former Federal Prosecutor, Office of Special Investigations, U.S. Justice Department under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer - former Chief of the Army's Controlled HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Program, overseeing Army Intelligence and Security Command's global controlled HUMINT efforts. A 23-year military intelligence veteran, Lt. Col. Shaffer was recently awarded the Bronze Star for bravery in Afghanistan.

Capt. Scott J. Phillpott - U.S. Navy, former head of the Able Danger data mining program that targeted al-Qaida's global structure and former Commanding Officer of the guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf.

Maj. Scott Ritter - Former U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence officer who also served as Chief Weapons Inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq 1991 - 1998.

Capt. Eric H. May - Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer who also served as an inspector and interpreter for the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty team.

Capt. Gregory M. Zeigler, PhD - Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer.

William G. Weaver, JD, PhD - Former U.S. Army Signals Intelligence officer. Currently Director of Academic Programs, Institute for Policy and Economic Development, University of Texas, El Paso, specializing in executive branch secrecy policy, governmental abuse, and law and bureaucracy.

Commander Larry J. Tortorich - U.S. Navy (ret); 24-year Navy career in the fields of aviation and counterterrorism. Former Deputy Program Manager for Logistics - Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. Two years as a federal employee with DHS/TSA in the fields of security and counterterrorism.

Theodore J. Pahle - Former Senior Intelligence Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency. His 37-year intelligence career was exclusively as a HUMINT (Human Intelligence) operations officer with DIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and U.S. Army Intelligence. He is a Middle East and Latin American operations specialist. Today, he continues to support the HUMINT effort as a contract instructor.

Statements questioning the official account of 9/11 and calls for a new investigation by over 1,000 credible individuals can be found at the author's website.