There have been reports of a possible meteor crashing into Earth early Sunday morning near Flagstaff.

Multiple people called police saying they saw a car size ball of flame crashing to Earth.

Jeff Hall, who works for Lowell Observatory, was at home when he looked out his window and saw the object. "The fireball, heading northeast, was really bright, I do not know if whatever that was impacted, but it was exceptionally bright for a meteor," Hall told KTAR.

Halls' neighbors are members of a search and rescue crew. They said a chopper crew on duty reported being "blinded" by it.

According to Hall, there may have been more than one object.

"What I saw does not seem to be the great-big huge one if in fact that one was after midnight," Hall said. "There may well have been a couple pieces of whatever it was coming in."

Hall went on to say he doesn't believe a meteor the size of a car could even make it through the atmosphere and hit Earth.

"Most meteors, you see an ordinary sort of nice-bright shooting star, is usually not larger than a grain of dust or a little pebble or something," Hall said. "Even something the size of a car is kind of hard pressed to get all the way through the atmosphere. It depends on what it's made of and whether it fragments in the atmosphere or not."

There have been reports of sightings as far as the four corners area and well into New Mexico.

Despite the multiple calls, crews from Sedona to Flagstaff have yet to find anything.