Date: April 7th 2009 Fireball Sighting Reports

Time Of Sighting: 21:45

Report: My children and I just pulled into our drive way as I put my hand on the door of the car to open it I saw a light greenish blue color and thought someone had shot off fireworks it was small at first then it was getting a longer and longer shape and the color was changing to a yellow color and it was also getting wider. The tail was white and getting longer then the front turned white. Then it got red and really big exploded and disappered quickly.

Name: Cindy Hawkins

Location: 2430 Cosmos Ave. Middleburg, Fl 32068

Direction Of Travel: West South West

Altitude: 1000′ ?

Angle of Decent In Degrees: 45 ?

Color of Fireball: Light Teal then Yellow then White then Red

Brightness: Bright like fire works

Duration: 15 Seconds maybe more

Sonic Boom: No

Crackling Static Sound: No

Whizzing or Whooshing Sound: No

Impact: No

Have A Meteorite: No