Catlin Arctic Survey Team
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Two of the Arctic ice sites show April 16 ice at recent record levels. The Japanese site IJIS has a seven year April record going back to 2003, and reports 2009 levels at the highest extent on record for the date: 13,649,219 km2.
AMSRE Sea Ice Extent
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The Danish Meteorological Institute has a five year database, and also shows April 16 ice extent as the highest in their short record.

Sea ice Extent Danish Meteorological Institute
© Danish Meteorological Institute

A plot of April 16 extent made from the IJIS database shows that mid April ice extent has made a nice recovery from the 2004 low, increasing by more than 5%.
US Sea Ice Extent database

This is probably not coincidental with the fact that since 2003, global temperatures have been declining.
Sea Ice trend

Next time Washington Post writers decide to bash George Will about ice, perhaps they should check their facts first. The comment below from that piece shows just how irrational the thinking of climate "journalism" has become.
"citing "global" sea ice statistics like that is nearly meaningless in the context of global climate change"
Why would you use "global" statistics when examining a "global" problem? What was George thinking of?