At 6:45 a.m., employees of the Public Buildings Authority (Autoridad de Edificios Públicos--A.E.P.) witnessed a luminous object crossing the horizon from West to East along the southern shore between Lajas and Guánica. According to the workers, the brilliant object resembled "acetylene light". Upon reaching a certain distance, the object shattered in two and fell into the sea. We cannot dismiss the possibility of an aerolith that broke up after reaching a certain altitude, being subjected to drastic temperature changes that resulted in a mid-air explosion.

I will continue looking into this matter with other potential witnesses to the case. Meanwhile, I have already contacted the Puerto Rican Police's Joint Rapid Response Force (Fuerza Unida de Rapida Reaccion - F.U.R.A) to see if they have any details on the case. More information to come.

Source: Argus-PR