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© Mapquest imagePoway, CA, is northeast of San Diego.
Two UFO low fly reports in two days caught witnesses off guard and without cameras in California and Texas - while three F18s apparently attempted to intercept in one case.

A Poway, California, witness was standing outside in the mid-day sunshine under a perfect blue sky March 27 when an oval-shaped bright light moved across the southern horizon over a 10-second period. Three minutes later two F18s traveling from the northeast moved into position where the witness lost sight of the object. The jets circled the area and then continued flying in a southwest direction. Thirty seconds later, a second F18 came from the same direction and "loitered" in the area for three minutes before moving southwest.

Miramar Marine Corps Air Station is just southwest of Poway.

In Texas on March 26, a witness reported watching a triangular-shaped object with 6 to 8 dim lights on the bottom moving silently across the sky at about 5,000 feet.

The unedited reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database are below.

Please remember that these cases may be under investigation by MUFON, and many sightings can be resolved as natural phenomena or man-made. We will report back with MUFON field investigation news as it comes in.

Briefly: One of our readers brought this Youtube-posted video to my attention, shot over Pomona, CA, on March 23. Youtube username sonofliberty123 provided the following description of the video.

"Something we recorded on march 23rd, 09 over Pomona Ca. I am not saying its a ufo but it was something weird. The object hovered about 5 blocks from were it was recorded.It hovered around for about an hour,the light you see is actually the sun reflecting from the metallic looking object.At times the object seemed to look like a narrow triangle.If you have any questions feel free to message me."

California, March 27, 2009 - A brilliant oval shaped light was seen traveling from the South to North East at a high rate of speed followed by F/18's.

At 12:24pm the store owner and I were standing outside of his establishment in Poway, Ca at the corner of Poway and Pomerado road. We were talking while facing in a southerly direction.

It was a very clear day with no clouds in the sky and a minimal amount of humidity in the atmosphere. As I was speaking to him; I noticed a very bright light appear in the sky. It's brilliance and movement drew my attention immediately. The light was so bright that I knew it wasn't an aircraft or helicopter. It was approximately 12 inches (relative) above the southern horizon. Its point of origin was approximately 175 degrees on the compass. It was traveling at an undetermined, but very high rate of speed. From the point of origin; it was traveling North, North East to a point on the compass that would have ended at approximately 20 degrees. The relative distance that it traveled was approximately two and a half feet from its point of origin. It covered this distance in approximately ten seconds.

Approximately 3 minutes after the object disappeared two F/18's traveling from the North East came to the point where the object disappeared. They circled this area once then continued South West. Thirty seconds later a third "trailer" F/18 came from the same direction and loitered over the area where the UFO had been for approximately 3 minutes. It then egressed to the South West as well. The flight patterns of any aircraft either landing or taking off from Miramar Air Base is well known, as are the flight paths of aircraft that are in the area while performing carrier landings, touch and go exercises, or mutual support missions in this area.

The flight path of the three F/18's was well out of normal parameters. As the F/18's approached the area where the object had been they slowed dramatically (no more than 300 knots).These factors, coupled with the fact that their flight path would have put them in direct "Head On" contact with the object as they flew South West and it traveled North East, gave the impression that they were not only looking for what I had seen but had been on an intercept coarse. The owner of the establishment also saw the object and the F/18's but without his permission I did not want to include his information.

The object was a brilliant oval shaped light. As it traveled North East it grew in size. When I first saw the object it was approximately five centimeters across. It had increased to approximately 12 centimeters before it disappeared. It's change in distance to me as well as it motion makes it highly improbable that it was reflected light.

The light was not only brilliant but constant and did not shimmer or shake. There were no visible anti collision lights of any pattern including red or green. In fact the light from the sun was so bright that the anti collision lights from the F/18's were not visible either.

The object made no sound, left no vapor or exhaust trail, and if it's rate of travel was above 620 mph it made no sonic boom.

After several seconds of observing the object I got an uneasy feeling. I would not describe it as fear but unrest as my mind went through the possible causes of the light and continued to fail to come up with a reasonable explanation. The individual that I was with was equally disturbed.

I saw the object first but after I pointed it out to him he couldn't take his eye's off of it. It was not exhibiting non-ballistic motion or any other flight characteristic, other than its speed and brilliance, that appeared to be abnormal. I did not have a camera on my person and the event would not have shown up on the phone/camera of my Motorola Razor. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Texas, March 26, 2009 - Observed silent, small dimly lit triangle object flying low.

I was walking the dog at around 9:35. It had been raining all day, yet the skies were clear. I was looking at the stars and watching the air traffic in the area after having dinner with my wife.

I continued walking, and facing west, noticed something moving in the sky. I looked up to observe a very small, very dimly lit triangular object moving roughly northwest, very quickly.

It had very small, very dim white lights on the bottom, at least 6 or 8, and appeared to be very low, under 5,000 ft by my estimation. There was absolutely no sound, and the street I was nearby was very quiet at the time.

The object moved very quickly, and went behind the apartments ahead of me before I had a chance to get to a better viewing position.

This object was clearly not a helicopter, small plane, or commercial aircraft. It was too small, too quiet, too dimly lit, and too fast.

I was immediately struck with disbelief, and felt like it had to be something easily explainable, but the more I thought about it, the less likely that seemed.


This second video is about a UFO filmed live Feb. 8, 2009, by a Brazilian TV station in Rio Branco City in Acre State, Brazil. Worth watching, even if you do not speak Spanish.