Orbs and Mother ship
© Christine Dickey
In one of the most spectacular photographs ever captured on film is the elusive Orb UFO with it's Mother Ship following in concert with it's every move. Five Orb's are seen in the photo below with their Mother Ship in tow in the bright blue light high above.

The photo was taken in Casa Grande, Arizona by the State Director of MUFON for Arizona, Christine Dickey. Christine used a Nikon D 90, 2008 model, Pixels 4288 W X 2848 H, resolution is 72 dpi, bit depth is 24, 35 mm focal length F is 4.5, +3 step exposure bias.

The event date of the photo was 1/15/09 at 9:02 PM.

Orb closeup
© Cristine Dickey/Ronald NussbeckSpectacular Gold Orb Craft surrounded by an Electromagnetic Field.
Many have asked the question, what is an Orb? Orb's are small vessels released from a Mother Ship UFO and have been documented over history to have 2 to 3 Alien's at the controls and are about 30 meters in diameter, used for close observation of Human activity.

Thermo imge of orb
© Christine Dickey/Ronald NussbeckThermo Image of Gold Orb, surrounded by a Red Plasma Corona.
Below you will find a series of photo's starting with close ups of one of the Orb's then of the Mother Ship, all Thermo and infra red imaging performed by Ronald Nussbeck at his lab.

The Orb's exterior solid structure appears to be made from solid Gold, the true color should be noted. The electromagnetic field generated around the Orb is similar to the Northern Lights Aurora causing spectacular lighting effects that were able to be pierced by process of Inferred imaging. Most noticeable is the Corona surrounding the Orb, a plasma shield that when photographed at night is majestic in nature and out of this world.

The Blue light beyond the top Orb is the Mother Ship, in the photo's below we will enlarge and enhance.

Orbs and Mother ship
© Christine Dickey
This enlarged photo shows an Electromagnetic Field around the Mother Ship Craft which displays it's energy for all to see.

Mother ship enhanced
© Christine Dickey/Ronald Nussbeck
The photo below is a Thermo Image showing a disk shaped Mother craft displacing energy similar to the Orb's.

Mother ship thermo imagine
© Christine Dickey/Ronald Nussbeck
Many thanks to Christine Dickey for giving us some great photo's to view.