Two civilians who tried to arrest George Bush while he was speaking in Calgary last Tuesday were instead arrested by Calgary Police. One man, Splitting The Sky, was held overnight in jail. Splitting The Sky, a resident of Chase, BC, was charged with assault of police officers and obstruction of justice. The second man, Kelly Hostland from Calgary, was released without charges.

The two men, not connected, were attending a protest rally against George Bush outside the Telus Convention Centre. Two other men were also arrested and have been released.

Under Canada's Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes Act (2000), anyone reasonably suspected of war crimes or crimes against humanity is indictable under the law, regardless of their status as leader of a nation. Section 6 of the Act explicitly points the responsibility for the crimes to the 'superior' or 'military commander'.
Enforcing war crimes act
Indigenous activist Splitting The Sky attempts citizen's arrest of war criminal George W. Bush.

Enforcing war crimes act

"When citizens of democracies worldwide see that the democratic rule of law has been degraded down to military commissions, then it is necessary for us to resist and indict the war criminals. If the police won't do it, then we have to deputize ourselves and arrest these people," says Splitting The Sky, who holds dual U.S. and Canadian citizenship.

"We need a Nuremberg type trial for George Bush and officials in his administration," he added.

Splitting The Sky successfully entered the Telus Convention Centre, where Bush was scheduled to speak to a select crowd of invited business and political leaders, intending, he says, to make a citizen's arrest of Bush for violations of the War Crimes Act. He was apprehended by CPS before he could reach the former president.

"As a Calgarian, I am embarrassed that the world would think that we would welcome George Bush here and that he was invited to come," says Kelly Hostland.

Both men have since been released from jail.

The protest rally capped a week of anti-Bush events that included a mock trial, public forum and press conference as well as a mini film festival. Approximately 400 people were at the rally.

Splitting The Sky plans to carry on a campaign to give George Bush his day in court. He's organized a panel discussion examining the case against Bush on Tuesday, March 24 at the Calgary Area Outdoor Council. The event starts at 7PM.


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