Canadian bright light
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Recently I wrote the article: "Strange Light Craft and Alien Gray Caught on Camera in the Canadian Wilderness". The photo of the craft was included with an enlargement of what appeared to be a creature hiding behind a tree watching the man who took this photo. [Link]

We knew this photo was real and very unusual. When it was sent to us we enlarged it and that is when we found the images of the creature peeking out from a tree at the tree line of the field.

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The reaction of this article and the photo has been as interesting as the photo. I have received every reaction from anger to praise - from fear to elation of finding a different clear view of something clearly unknown.

We also have found we are now able to reveal the location of this event and the exact date. This event took place in New Brunswick Canada on a large parcel of land owned by the man who took the photo. His land is located about 4 miles into the mountains and he owns about 240 acres of forested land including this large field.

Canadian bright light
© Unknown
The event occurred on July 29th 2002. The man noticed from his house that one of his distant fields seemed to be lit up with some type of spotlights. He drove his pickup truck over to the field and found this large light craft shinning the bright light down across his field. He took the picture became very frightened by this unknown craft and quickly returned to his truck and headed back to his house and other people. He had no idea thee was a creature watching him from behind the tree at the time. My guess is it was a lucky day for that man when he decided to flee the area instead of entering the field for a closer look.

I decided to check to see if any other activity was reported in Canada on the day that this man had his encounter. I did find a few interesting pieces of information that adds credence to the fact something very unusual happened that day in that are of the world.

Here is a sample of what I found:

Occurred: 7/29/2002

Sayward, British Columbia, Canada- Six witnesses had an unforgettable sighting as a very low level object flew just over the mountain tops-heading northeast. The witnesses said it looked as if the object was being controlled. The folks who saw this event hold positions in the B.C. emergency program and thought they were going to be called out to an airline crash.

Occurred 7/29/2002

Telkwa & Smithers British Columbia, Canada: Nine witnesses in four different communities watched a large glowing white object shoot down the Bulkley Valley at a very low level. Military were seen in the area by dozens of witnesses after this UFO event took place.

Occurred 7/29/2002

Very strange sighting of 6 people about a kilometer apart who saw the same thing. A young woman, her aunt, her mother and several other people witnessed a large fireball in the sky west of Sayward heading in a northern horizontal direction. The object was close enough to actually be heard. The young woman the sound was like a light whistling like air coming out of a tire. The object was not perfectly round; it was sort of more oval with the sides being more square than round. The color of the object was white in its center with a black outline and orange glow. The tail was long and white.

We would like to thank the NUFORC UFO reporting site and Brian Vike, Director of the Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO Research organization, for sharing these reports with the public.

I think we need to pay close attention to this new type of sighting of light craft objects that are now being seen. I realize that these crafts may have been witnessed all over the world yet have not been reported due to the confusion of looking as if they are a ball of light which is far more easily accepted to the human eye and mind than the typical solid type unknown crafts. I think we have a new player in our skies and they come in the form of a bright light source ship.

Nancy Talbott of the BLT Research Team Inc. who heads this well known Crop Circle research organization shared a report she came upon during one of her investigations. She realized it seemed to fit in with the Canadian wilderness report.

While interviewing a man on a crop circle investigation Nancy was given a very odd report on something he had seen a few days before discovering odd formations in his area. His reported sighting was described this way:

Dean V. rises early and regularly takes a morning walk. On this particular Saturday he began his usual constitution. It was almost pitch-black dark out and he walked with his eyes down in order to see where he was going. Suddenly the road surface in front of him lit up with a flash of intense light maybe a dozen yards away.

The illumination of the roadway lasted only a few seconds and Mr. V. looked up searching for clouds and thinking what he had just seen was some type of lightning event.

At first he only saw stars in the sky - until his gaze was directed almost straight up. This is when he saw a cloudy glowing white tube-like light like a partially charged fluorescent light directly overhead. It had a length-to-width radio of about 10:1 with the ends squared off. Overall it was fatter than a normal fluorescent light-tube would be.

It was difficult for Mr. V. to estimate its distance. He felt it was higher than one could reach but nowhere near as far away as an airplane's contrail would be. He also thought the light source was fading. He looked away at one point and when he looked back this light tube was still there. He was unable to determine a front or back of the object as both ends were squared off and the intensity of the light was the same at both ends.

Although he briefly considered it was possible that the light was a meteor trail he realized it was much wider than a meteor trail would be and it was not moving. He did not hear a sonic boom and there were no reports of a storm approaching.

To the best of Mr. V.'s recollection after a few more seconds the light tube simply faded completely out and he continued on his walk.

I find all these reports combined with the sighting and photo of the Canadian wilderness incident rather compelling that we need to adjust our concept of unknown alien crafts and understand that sometimes a light is just not a light!

Once again we present the Canadian wilderness photos for your inspection with a new improved and enhanced photo of the creature we found behind the tree.

Be careful out there and remember to always pay attention to your surroundings and keep looking up!

Our thanks to:

Don Allis and The Alien Seeker News

BLT Research Team

HBCC UFO Research

National UFO Reporting Center

Source: Chris Holly's Paranormal World