A lucky viewer of NASA TV got the surprise of his/her life yesterday. While watching live footage of the STS-119 Space Shuttle mission he/she noticed an extra-ordinarily clear UFO pass by the craft. The stunned viewer managed to record it and upload it onto YouTube.

Internet UFO forums are going into frenzy mode over the find. Due to its clarity it seems to defy past explanations for such objects by NASA. The object clearly passes the craft and is unlikely to be explained away as a mere reflection. The classic disc shaped UFO is surprisingly similar in shape to so many recent sightings on earth. Many now believe that these alien craft appear differently on film depending on whether they are recorded out at space or within the atmosphere.

The STS-119 is the current space shuttle mission to the International Space Station being flown by Space Shuttle Discovery for the purpose of delivering essential equipment. Its launch occurred on March 15, 2009, at 7:43 pm.