Residents across Melbourne have been rattled by an earth tremor that struck about 100km south-east of the city.

The United States Geological Survey reported on its website the tremor measured 4.7 on the Richter scale, about 96 kilometres from Melbourne, and Geoscience Australia says the tremor was centred near Korumburra.

There have been no reports of injury and police are urging people not to call 000 unless they have been injured or suffered property damage.

Victoria Police and the State Emergency Service also say there has been an earth tremor but said there are no reports of any damage so far.

Terry Ryan from the Bureau of Meteorology says the tremor struck just before 9:00pm (AEDT).

"At 8:55pm there was an earthquake 5.5 kilometres north-west of Korumburra, which of course is in South Gippsland," he said.

"At this stage the estimation was 8 kilometres deep."

James Sandman of Drouin, in Victoria's east, was watching TV when the tremor struck.

"We were just sitting down watching the TV and then the whole house absolutely shook," he said.

"The foundations shook, the walls moved, they wobbled, and myself and my wife just looked at each other and we were both then looked at the exits wondering 'do we need to get out?'"

Reports to ABC News Online say the suburbs of Frankston, Knoxfield, Lang Lang, Caulfield North and Yarra Junction have felt tremors.

"We just felt an earth tremor in Yarra Junction Victoria at 8.56pm (AEDT)," one reader said.

"It seemed to travel from west to east."

"We are in Gippsland in Krowera, and the earth tremor sounded like an explosion here," another reader said.

"[It] felt like something very big had hit the house. Our power also went out for about eight to 10 minutes."

Reader Jacob Murray-White shared his experience during the tremor.

"We live in Brunswick and it felt like a very long truck was driving past or maybe the washing machine getting extremely excited," he said.

"[For] 10 to 15 seconds ... the wall and associated fittings [shook] quite noticeably.

"Funnily enough, I looked at decanter of booze and it was not shaking which was a surprise, given my experiences of quakes and tremors in Los Angeles."

Stephanie Pradier said it was over as quickly as it started.

"We could hear it first, then we felt it, it stopped for a second and then was much more violent," she said.

"My stomach dropped to my feet, I have never felt anything quite like it.

"We went and stood under the door frame. It just kept going.

"Most the neighbours in my street were out of their houses. We all had a chat, now life [is] back to normal."

Kim from Reservoir also wrote in.

"My partner and I were watching TV when we what felt like a huge gust of wind hit the house," he said.

"There was a pause and then there was another tremor which was much stronger than the first and caused shaking of the house. Cabinets, photo frames all moved.

"The second time we felt it there was no mistaking it was an earthquake! Freaky!"

Kate Bruce said she lives in a new estate in Doreen.

"Being so close to the fire areas and having been on alert the last two to three weeks, our only thought was 'oh my God, what now?'" she said.

"My kids though that the roof was coming off, that's how loud it was here."

Further information and comment is being sought from Geoscience Australia, which monitors earthquake activity.