Bright objects
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A series of disc-shape or bright light sightings occurred March 2-3, 2009, according to witness reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. A 100-foot-wide disc with 10 circular lights along its bottom side descended rapidly to about 500 feet over New York, hovered, then turned its lights out, while witnesses continued to observe a dark disc shape. In Florida, a witness observed two large objects in the sky, while more than 25 smaller objects appeared higher in the sky. A Texas report described a row of white lights that vanished when the sound of jets approached. A new sighting near Chicago's O'Hare airport in Chicago, Illinois looked like four lights arranged in a square - and 20 witnesses from different vantage points observed a bright light source in the clouds beaming to the ground near Crystal Lake, Illinios.

Read about these and other stories below - all unedited reports from the MUFON database.

New York - March 2, 2009 - round disc with 10 circular lights on bottom

I was on my way home from work last night, my girlfriend was driving, I was reclined in the passenger's seat looking at the sky. I was drawn to how clear the sky was since we just ended a big snow storm about two hours before. I saw a very bright light which I thought was Venus but it rapidly descended to about 500 ft above some distant trees and hovered there silently. Almost immediately I could see what appeared to be the dark outline of a circular object which had approximately ten yellowish lights in a circular pattern on its underbelly. I estimate that the object was about 100 feet across. I have never seen anything like it. We actually stopped to watch it and in about three minutes the lights went out but you could still see the dark disc outlined against the sky. There was and intense burst of bright white light a moment later and the object seems to have vanished with the flash. We both had cell phone cameras but were to mesmerized to snap any pics.

After it vanished I called my father to tell him what i had just witnessed before we even started the car back up! I felt like I had just been in a sci fi movie! by far the strangest thing i have ever seen!

Florida - March 2, 2009 - More than 25 objects

I was getting into bed at around 1AM, my window in my bedroom doesn't have blinds on it as it backs up into woodlands. As I was trying to go to sleep three lights kept catching my eye through the trees. At first I thought that they were planes, but as I watched them I noticed that the lights were quite strong and eerie and that they moved without breaking their original formation. I got up to go look out of the window and looking relativity straight up I saw three more points of light, they seemed to be rotating and keeping formation as if the points of light were fixed to the same object; I observed these two groups of lights for approx. 30 min. At this point I was getting a little freaked out and my heart was racing and my breathing was getting quick so I went to the kitchen to get some water, when I walked back to the window in my bedroom I started noticing more of the objects with the lights on them. At this point I decided I wanted to get a better look from outside, when I went out of my back porch I looked up to see numerous objects in every corner of the sky, there were two objects that looked very large and low in altitude compared to the rest which were in varying smaller sizes (meaning higher altitude I thought). The number of the objects was impossible for me to count from where I was, if I had to estimate Id say there were at least 25+. I observed these until about 5AM which is when I fell asleep somehow (I hadn't been able to even sit still through the whole thing and I had had work that night so I passed out on my couch while I was trying to calm myself down) and when I woke up two hours later at 7AM it was light out and they were gone

Texas - March 2, 2009 - Flashing row of white lights with a larger constant white light below the flashing lights.

Around 9pm I went out on the front porch of my house to bring in my dog. I looked to the east and saw these flashing white row of lights above the tree line. It caught my attention because there are no lights in this area. I have lived in this house for more that 15 years and know my surroundings very well. It was very dark outside with scattered clouds, and I could not make out a shape of this object. I continued to watch and observed that below the flashing row of lights there was a bright white light that was centered in the middle. This object was not moving, not making a sound, but the row of lights were constantly flashing. I wanted to go inside to get my camera, but I continued to watch for approximately 5 more minutes. Then I began hearing the sounds of jet aircraft approaching. That is when the lights just vanished. I waited for a few more minutes to see if the lights would return, but they never did. At no time did I feel frightened, but I really would like to see them again and figure out exactly what it was that I saw.

Illinois - March 3, 2009 - Square 4 white lights, blinking red strobe.

I'm guessing this is just an optical illusion, but who knows. I've lived near O'Hare Airport all my life, and I can tell what airplanes look like day or night. While driving Westbound as a passenger tonight, I saw out of my right window looking NE something that made me utter out loud "what the hell?" I saw four white lights in a perfect square with a red strobe near the rear section of the craft. The craft turned, and then it looked like three lights close together. I'm guessing it may have still been a commercial jet, but I've never seen an angle which could make a jet appear as four lights in a perfect square. I believe it was traveling Eastbound or slightly ENE, and if it was a regular jet, my guess at the altitude puts it at 2-3,000'. I have my doubts it's anything unusual, and I'm sure there's a logical explanation. Perhaps the pilot activated a rarely used light by accident, giving the appearance of four lights. My mother was also a passenger in the car, and saw it too, asking if I saw the "double decker plane." I asked if she saw a square shape of lights too, and she did. We passed by some trees and I lost visual contact. Also, I didn't notice any directional lights (red and green) on the wingtips that planes usually carry.

Weather conditions, cold, about 28F (in dash thermometer) and overcast, with a fairly high ceiling.

Illinois - March 2, 2009 - Beams of light and rays of light.

I was heading north on rt 31 into Crystal Lake at about 4:45am. I looked to my left and saw beams of white light coming from the sky to the ground. the best way to describe what i saw would be like bright white search lights they use for a grand opening only if they were in the sky pointing straight down and not moving. there were about 10 light beams I saw they looked to be over an area that had just houses. There was one light that flashed a few times as I was watching it looked like lightning only the way it flashed and the color but it stayed a beam. Also I saw what looked like when the sky is cloudy and the sun breaks thru and you see the rays of sun come down but it didn't go all the the way down. it really looked like there were light sources in the clouds that caused the rays cause I saw the ray go down and up from the clouds. I am not alone in seeing this event i was on my way to work when I saw it. When I got into work 2 guys came up to me and asked if I saw the lights also. I said yes and we all saw the same thing pretty much but we came different ways to work. So as the day went on I talked to a bunch more guys at work and I found almost 20 different people coming from different directions that all saw pretty much the same thing and I know there is more this was very bright and a lot of people were on the way to work. It should be with in radar range from a small airport

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Ohio - March 3, 2009 - While driving home I notice the bright light that didn't move...I got out the car and watch it for a while then took pictures ..the pictures showed more than I could see.

While riding home from the store at about 8:15 pm est ...I notice a bright light in the sky ... Looking at my sister I laugh and said here we go again ... We had seen this before about thirty years ago ...I got out the car and ran to get my camera. My Granddaughter yelled they moved.... I took four shots of what I thought was one object... when I downloaded them I saw there were two large ones... I looked for the moon to make sure it was not what I saw but the moon was behind me and it was cresent moon these things were completely round. I watched for a while when I went in the house about 15 mins later to down load the pictures ...I went back out 15 mins later and they had move slightly, after an hour they were gone. The photos show two although I could only see one with the naked eye. They were very bright with the naked eye but through my camera the glare disappeared. I was a little excited because it had been thirty years since the last time I saw them and this would be the first time I actually got a picture.

Georgia - March 2, 2009 - Really bright white light.

At 730 pm on March 2nd 2009. My brother and I were driving westbound on Interstate 16 from Savannah to Macon when a really bright white light appeared in the sky. It came out of nowhere and this thing was bright, I mean really bright. It appeared, then disappeared, then reappeared and stayed stationary in the sky for exactly one hour. I work in aviation so I know what we saw was not a plane, helicopter, planet or whatnot. There had to be a ton of people see this, including truckers that were driving westbound also. It just stayed there directly in front of us for an hour. Right before it disappeared, it flickered red and was gone. I found this website because I wanted to see if there was anyone else out there that saw this light too. My brother was skeptical for a while, then after about a half hour of it just staying there, he finally said, thats weird. What was strange is that it did not get any closer or further away it seemed. But it was stationary, just following the road you could see it. I did not know what to feel really. It was just something I have never seen before. It was weird, just plain weird.

Georgia - March 2, 2009 - Aboard AirTran flight #693 from Sarasota to Atlanta, saw lights on ground from 30,000 feet

My husband and I were seated in Seats 23A and 24A. I was watching the normal city/town lights on the ground almost under the plane when I saw what I can describe as a "flashlight" type of light on the ground. It ranged from a smallish circular light to a wide moving "splash" of light. It appeared and then disappeared. Changing positions and sizes for several minutes. I could not discern any pattern. It was a very random display. My husband saw it. He thought it might be a light from the plane catching a few small clouds below us. The sky was very clear. I could see planets and other planes flying all the time. Could it have been from the plane? I could have thought so if it had been a light that stayed the same, but it moved randomly and varied in size and shape. (Like clouds?) It was a white light. Very strange. We fly only occasionally, so I'm not an expert on moving ground lights viewed from 30,000 feet! But I did think I was viewing something unusual. Maybe what I saw from the plane could be matched up with something viewed from the ground.

Oregon - March 2, 2009 - Appeared round till it banked and zoomed off into the clouds, it then appeared exactly like what a flying saucer looks like.

A bright white,appeared stayed put for aprox. 3 min then it banked to the right,showing me it was a disk not a orb then it shot off into some thick white clouds. I live on the Wilamatte River just north of was south of my location.

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California - March 2, 2009 - UFO 3 objects in Santa Barbara.

I took these pictures today at 6.34 am. in Santa Barbara, CA.

Take a closer look on the small white object under 2 shining objects. the shape is of ufo.

Santa Barbara City College

PHOTO: The top photo on this page is one of three the student snapped. The photo here is an object that appeared below the two objects in the top photo, but due to sizing for this page, you cannot see this image in the top photo.