Well known South African topical and current affairs show,'Carte Blanche', has reported a UFO sighting witnessed by at least a dozen people in Gauteng, not far from Johannesburg, on 14-2-2009. The sighting is currently being investigated by South African Ufologists who have been unable as of yet to come up with an earthly explanation.

Carte Blanche reported the testimony of one of the witnesses, Teresa Munchick, who was driving her daughter Caitlin and her friend Lerato Teffo home from a Valentine's Day party when they spotted the lights at around 11pm.

'There were absolutely six lights, they were brighter than star and much bigger than stars so they appeared about 2mm to the human eyes. And their intenseness and their brightness varied. Moving - it seemed to be travelling forward. But at times they did kind of disappear.' Teresa recalled.

Teresa's friend Loreta also saw the lights and gave the following description of the event: 'Ok - we were driving in the car and then I just saw these six things floating up over there. And three of them were in a diagonal kind of shape and three were forming a triangle. And they looked like circles to me and they were a yellowish colour and I was quite freaked out. Then suddenly one just shot up straight into the sky and disappeared.'

A few witnesses with mobile phones filmed the event but these images have not been released. Prominent South African UFO researcher Dr James J Hurtak used the event to re-iterate the need and importance of world governments disclosing what they know about UFOs.