A brick-sized piece of metal that crashed through a Jersey City, New Jersey roof Tuesday did not come from an airplane, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration says, as wcbstv reports.

Business owner Al Smith was loading a sofa onto a storage platform at his moving company when he heard a bang he thought was a bomb:
A piece of warm metal the size of a brick came crashing through the roof just steps from where he was standing. It splintered a wooden beam and crashed into a shelf.
No one was injured, but it's a mystery where the metal came from. Federal Aviation investigators determined the object was made of cast iron and not part of any plane. Now it's up to local authorities to find out more.

Cast iron? If it's from an alien ship, maybe those beings are looking for some Earthly culinary cues, like frying up some bacon or griddle cake over some flames. Now that's tasty.