Witness statement - MUFON report: I was travelling down the Birfield Road, Soutcote in Reading on 15th February 2009 at exactly 7pm. When me and my mother saw a strange object in the sky. It was moving in very fast circular movements and hovered up and down whilst moving straight across the sky.

It kind of looked like a jelly fish as it had a weird see through film around it and hovered in the sky like one. It was lower than a aircraft and moved completely different to one and was also slower approx 200 Miles per hour!!! It looked like a fireball, kind of egg shaped but was very strange orangy, redy and yellowy in colour. It flew across the sky for about 2-3 minutes whilst i was heading towards and sat at a set of red lights. Then after 2/3 mins it slowed down and then went straight into the sky and disappeared!