The Herald's article about UFO sightings on New Year's Day continues to reach a global audience.

Last month Australian Yvonne Vincent contacted the Herald newsroom to tell us about her UFO experience on January 1.

This week Scott Podmore from Warrandyte, near Melbourne, Australia, contacted us with his alien account.

He wrote: "I live in Warrandyte, about 5km further east of Donvale (in Melbourne) and my wife and I sat out on our tennis court on Saturday night (Australian time, January 31) and witnessed what appeared to be a shooting star, very high up.

"However, there wasn't just one - there were three! Two looked like they were on a collision course, but simply flew past each other. Can't explain it, wasn't as dramatic as Yvonne's experience, but certainly something that took us by surprise.

"My wife is a little bit pessimistic with such things as UFOs, ghosts etc but she clearly saw it and believes 'it must be a good sign'. Something very peaceful about the whole experience, all 10 seconds of it.

"There have been no other reports locally as far as I can see, but doing a search on the internet I stumbled upon your article involving Yvonne."

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