'Ann Coulter' stopped by Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update Saturday, delivering a strongly-worded and hallucinatory defense of barely-in-office President George W. Bush.

Coulter, played by cast member Michaela Watkins, admitted there had been "missteps" by Bush, but told Weekend Update host Seth Meyers that in 100 years "I will see democracy in Iraq and I will laugh at your ignorance."

She went on to defend the Bush administration's position on torture.

"I love torture. I think torture is good and Christian-y, and history will bear this out. It may take 500 years," 'Coulter' said. "But I will still be here, leading a band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic America where we battle against gangs of Osama bin-single mothers. And I shall cackle and cackle that you ever doubted George Bush."

When Meyers questioned Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina, 'Coulter' offered a swift rejoinder.

"Sure, it was bad," she said. "But think about it - we don't know how many hurricanes President Bush prevented."

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Jan. 17, 2009.