Shortly after midnight on October 18, 2008, 5 people witnessed the movement of a large and strange luminous creature over the waters of El Supí Beach on Venezuela's Paraguaná Peninsula, located in the vicinity of the town that bears the same name in the coastal state of Falcón in Northwestern Venezuela.

"There was no moon that night, and it was all very dark," remembers Larry Gonzales, who said the events took place while he, his older brother, and other friends lit a bonfire on the edges of the aforementioned Beach, outside a house they had rented for the weekend.

"We reached the house late. One group stayed inside tidying things up while we took out some chairs and began lighting a fire. At that time, none of us had had anything to eat or drink, because we had just reached the site."

According to the witness, the being, which stood at approximately two or 3 meters tall, was brilliant white and transparent like a hologram. It ran swiftly over the water's surface, coasting the shore some 60 meters away.

Larry Gonzalez, his brother, and three other friends were spellbound by what they were seeing. However, one of them tried to cast light with a flashlight, but the brightness of the light caused the being to become less visible. "Furthermore, it moved very quickly. for that reason we were unable to make out any details," said Gonzalez.

He described the entity's bodily appearance and movements as generally resembling those of a feline. "My friend Rubén began shouting at it to see if it reacted, and in a matter of seconds, it accelerated to a prodigious speed, behaving like a feline," explains González.

The water was not disturbed, nor was any noise generated other what was caused by ocean waves. The young witness claims "the being appeared to be so lightweight that it did not disturb the surface tension of the water as it moved over it. Not only that, the waves rolled in but were unable to even move the figure."

After reaching a certain distance out to sea, after traveling the beach from one end to another, the enigmatic creature vanished before the startled eyes of the witnesses. But the strange episode had not ended yet.

"After it took off running, we were in the total state of panic. Suddenly, shoals of fish began jumping all along the water's edge, as though they had been electrocuted. We could hear them flapping around, and when we pointed the flashlight at them, we could see them jumping around in the water. "

Despite of the fact that they all carried camera equipped cellphones, none of the witnesses were able to take a photo of the alleged creature. They were gripped by fear for several minutes, and their actions became confused. "We didn't have any time to take pictures because we did not understand what was going on. We only realized what was happening later, but it was all over."

"In the morning, we asked the fishermen if they had seen or heard at anything, but no one did," said Gonzales. Oddly enough, there were several blackouts throughout the area that night. Residents of El Supi, however, say that electrical outages are common not only in their town but in several communities throughout the state of Falcon.

Larry Gonzalez adds that two of the people who witnessed this episode are atheists and did not believe in the supernatural. This experience, however, has changed their point of view. Even he himself was skeptical about supernatural accounts presented on television. "When I would see people on TV discussing things of this nature, I would find it ridiculous, and say it was all lies. Now I think it's true. There are things out there that we still do not understand."