Last Saturday night a slightly luminous grey UFO was reported to police in the historic town of Bury St Edmunds in the United Kingdom. The UFO was seen spinning and hovering over the St Edmundsbury Cathedral by a townsman. Now it has emerged that the UFO was also seen by a staff member of the Cathedral. Sarah Friswell, the Cathedrals visitor officer, noted that the topic of the mysterious craft had come up in a staff meeting and one of the staff members confessed to also witnessing the rather clear UFO of a very 'Classical' appearance.

More interestingly the sighting was accompanied by unusual power cuts, confirmed by the Cathedral administration, that could not be explained by the local electricity provider. Many have claimed that such sightings are in fact pranks by hobbyists involving RC flying models, yet the power cut seems to somewhat disprove this theory as it is unlikely any hobbyist could pull such a feat off.

Also interesting is the historic significance of the town Bury St Edmunds. The town is said to be the place where the idea of the Magna Carta was born and hence a birthplace of modern democracy. The town is also the burial place of a number of ancient Saxon Kings and was once regarded as a place of miracles. Overall Bury St Edmunds in the county of Suffolk, just outside London, is regarded as one of the UK's great historic towns.

All this begs the question, are visitors from space interested in our history and going on tours of places of historical significance? After all this is not the first sighting in this area in recent months. The more pessimistic amongst ufologists have a far more worrying theory: The aliens might be documenting our history prior to putting into action a plan that will either end it altogether or change in forever.