A UFO has once again been seen performing aerobatics above the Herald patch.

A multicoloured ball of light was seen by a startled Cheshunt couple, who videoed the 'close encounter of the third kind' on a mobile phone.

Mary Georgiou, of Southmead Crescent, contacted the Herald after reading our story last week about the 'Hertford Fireball', which blazed across the sky on December 7.

Mary and her husband Stav were left "gobsmacked" by the November 2 sighting. She said: "I saw an orange light in the sky. I screamed at hubby that there was a plane on fire as the orange light was so bright.

"We went into the garden and there was no sound coming from it was too large to be plane and too low down. This thing travelled across our house and then did 90 degree turn and travelled away from us till it disappeared.

"We were gobsmacked and gutted that we did not take a photo of it, probably because we were rooted to the spot. Anyway five minutes later it happened again. This time we took a video of it on hubby's mobile, it followed exactly the same flight pattern as the first."

"We are convinced we saw a UFO, and still have the footage."

She added that it could have been an asteroid because it performed a 90 degree turn. Mary said the second object moved in exactly the same way as the first, "It was as if we had rewound time it happened exactly the same again," she said.