Hearing about another fireball meteor, this one spotted last evening in the northeastern sky. Here's a report from Bowley's Quarters, in eastern Baltimore County. Did anyone else spot this one?

"Hi there, last night about 7pm I believe - Bowleys Quarters- there was an amazing fireball I saw through clouds traveling north in the north eastern sky. I haven't seen anything else on this- I know meteors are common but this was so bright and through the clouds I was amazed. Have you heard anything on this? Thanks, Marcie"

There were more reports of a similar fireball over Colorado at around 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time last night. Not the same event, obviously, but here's a description from an observer named Thomas Ashcraft, in New Mexico, clipped from meteorobs.org:

"I am pleased to report that I just eye-witnessed a major fireball event out my window. This fireball was traveling east to west, possibly over central Colorado. It was long trailed, turquoise and green, and shed sparks ... It looks like this fireball may have been at least 300 miles north of my location."