The Stephenville UFOs are back and so are the military jets that chase them. A number of unidentified lights were again seen in the skies over Earth County, Texas, beginning on October 21, 2008. The lights displayed various colors and moved rapidly in all directions over Stephenville for two nights in a row, but that was just the prelude to a much more exciting incident which occurred the next night in nearby Dublin, Texas.

On October 23, 2008, several teenagers and a few adults were at Dublin High School in the late evening when they saw an oval-shaped object with brilliant lights on it. Andy Monrreal used his mom's digital video camera to film the object for about a minute. Monrreal gave a description of the object to a news crew from News 8 (WFAA) in Dallas/Fort Worth. He said, ""You could see a shape. It was like a complete circle."

Monrreal's parents also saw the object and his father commented, ""I never seen nothing like that in my life... big lights and everything." His mother said, ""It was a round thing. You could see lights around it, flickering and changing. It was awesome. Just turning and flickering." A total of eleven witnesses reported seeing the same object and many confirm that military jets were in the area at the same time.

In what seems like a rerun of the original events that brought so much attention to Erath County back in January, the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth confirms that at least seven F-16s were training in the area at the time the object was observed. However, these training exercises were not announced in advance and the area where the UFO and the jets were seen is not airspace generally reserved for training.

Erath County, Texas, became known as a UFO hotspot during January of 2008 when one mass sighting and several subsequent incidents brought the area to the attention of the worldwide news media. Amid conflicting statements from local military authorities commenting on aerial training maneuvers and inept UFO research organization investigations, the sightings were blamed on everything from stars, moons and planets to flocks of birds, untrained observers, military exercises and misidentified aircrafts.

It wasn't until after I mentioned that a UFO flyover of the Bush Ranch in nearby Crawford, Texas, might have explained the large number of military jets observed in the skies over Erath County on January 8, 2008, that some investigators and reporters began to look at the Stephenville incidents more seriously. In fact, the Mutual UFO Network ultimately turned up evidence that radar reports indicated at least one of several objects seen over the Stephenville area on January 8, 2008, and being pursued by military jets was coming directly from the direction of the Bush Ranch.

The large oval object seen over Erath County on October 23, 2008 is similar to one observed on January 8, 2008, by several law enforcement officers in and around the Stephenville area. These officers were able to see more detail than most of the residents that just reported the lights at that time. The same object was later observed by Ricky Sorrells of Dublin who has been it several times since. He said that the thing hovered just three hundred feet above his head in a field behind his home and may have been the size of two or three football fields.

Sorrells' story became troubling as reports of harassment by military authorities surfaced. After reporting his sighting to a local news reporter, he claims that military jets and helicopters started flying at all hours over his property disturbing livestock and keeping him from getting a good night's sleep. Even worse, Sorrells' says that he has been directly and indirectly threatened to "keep your mouth shut about what you saw."

Although the national media is ignoring these latest rounds of UFO sightings and jet chases, the Stephenville story is one that will not just go away because reporters are busy with politics and economic issues. What they do not seem to understand is that this UFO flap and others currently going on all over the world will someday have a direct impact on those issues. If these sightings persist and the government finally runs out of excuses and their ability to influence what the media says about them, that day may not be long in coming.

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