Two UFOs have been seen in the Grantham area in recent weeks after a lengthy period of no sightings.
Ken Charlton spotted a mysterious glowing object in the Grantham area on Monday night.

The retired RAF aircraft technician saw an object about the size of a car between 1,000 and 2,000 feet up. It was moving from east to west at around 250mph and was flame yellow with a translucent dome on top.

The object moved silently.

Ken said: "First impression was of a small aircraft on fire, but it kept the same altitude and speed until out of sight for some four to five minutes. I was an aircraft technician with the RAF for 24 years and have never seen anything like it."

Retired St Wulfram's Church verger Brian Buttery spotted another mysterious object at the end of September. He spotted the object while walking in Belton Avenue at about 9pm on Saturday, September 27.

He said: "It was oval in shape, orange in colour and moving approximately N to S. I lost sight of it as I got nearer to my bungalow as the roof obstructed my sight. I went to the rear of the bungalow and it had disappeared.

"I went inside and to the back door and on looking out saw the the same light in the same place as I had first seen it. It was on the same course and as it passed it started to fade and I could only see bits of it as it went further to the south.

"I thought that this one was the same as the first and had circled round but when I looked again to the north another one came into view. In all there were five of them, all on he same course and a regular intervals.

"It was very difficult to judge the height of them but they gave the impression of having a light on them like a hot air balloon. There was no sound at all from any of the objects."