Unusual sighting last night in Slovenia when several people noticed a strange large object, believed to be a UFO, reports local media.

Several people from Ajdovscina, Ozeljan and Shempas heard an unusual sound and noticed a large flying object that moved chaotically. Around 18:00 hrs, the Vipavskaa valley was left without electricity, while the mobile phones had no signal.

A.Z. of Shempas, Nova Gorica says he noticed the large object in the sky which flew in chaotic pattern, while the air seemed to be electricized.

"It was very strange. We have never seen anything like it in this area" says A.Z. who adds that the people in this area would have never believed in UFO's, but there they are.

This is the n-th time when UFO's appear near power stations, and the surrounding villages or small cities lose power. UFO experts believe the alien craft practically steal the energy (from remote power stations) needed for their craft to stay afloat. The last incident when UFO's showed up and drained the electricity from a small city was in British Columbia, Canada, two weeks ago.