Volcano Nevado del Huila in southeast Colombia displayed prolonged "seismicity" last weekend, causing alarm to the inhabitants of the surrounded urban and rural zones.

Small eruptive chains that normally produce 400 movements were even more active this weekend, said Jair Cardoso, member of the local Attention, Prevention and Disasters Committee, according to El Paรญs. He did not say how many were registered.

The volcano has ejected only mud and ashes so far, but a large eruption at any moment, or at least more solid materials, that would leave disastrous results.

Authorities maintain a yellow alert in the zone, but will raise it to orange if the situation continues.

Volcano Nevado del Huila
© Columbia ReportsVolcano Nevado del Huila in southeast Colombia

Various experts will arrive in the area Tuesday to analyze the abrupt changes, including the deputy director of volcanic threats of Ingeominas, Marta Calvache and the director of geology, Cesar Eduardo Lopez.

They will hold meetings with the governor of Cauca and members of the Regional Committee And Disaster Prevention.

The volcano has been on alert since September 11, when a renewed bout of activity took hold. Five days later, it was struck by an earthquake.