Due to continued volcanic activity on the island of Anatahan, Gov. Benigno R. Fitial issued a 30-day extension of his May 13, 2003, state of disaster emergency declaration for the island.

The issuance of the extension period is in accordance with the Emergency Management Office and the U.S. Geological Survey recommendations.

The extension means all travel to Anatahan is restricted except for scientific expeditions.

The latest update from the U.S. Geological Survey dated Aug. 21 said that seismicity remains low though occasional low-amplitude tremor bursts lasting minutes occasionally occur. No plumes have been reported.

Prior to that, on Aug. 20, there were a few low-amplitude tremor bursts lasting for two minutes.

Also on Aug. 21, there were two episodes of volcanic tremor that lasted for five minutes starting at about 4pm and 50 minutes of tremor starting at 4:50pm. It said, however, that subsequent seismicity returned to background levels.

"During times of northerly winds, the Anatahan plume, if present, could be directed toward the CNMI and Guam. If this happens, residents may notice hazy air conditions and smell sulfur. EMO will issue volcanic haze and sulfur advisories if appropriate," said Fitial.