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There is a well-known Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. Judging from the rapid unfoldment of "interesting" world events, it is clear that we ain't seen nothing yet and whatever providence has in store for us, it surely is going to become curiouser and curiouser.

So what went on this month, other than more bloodshed, cynical manipulation and overt war propaganda?

The New Cold War

Many seemingly disconnected events of the month of July can be understood as manifestations of one grand theme: the alignment of countries and various power groups into two confronting gangs, in a way reminiscent of the Cold War. Perhaps you recall that last month Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov observed that his country and the US had more trust and respect for one another during the Cold War than they do now. He was right; some events have left us wondering if we inadvertently stepped into a time machine and popped out back in the 1960s. A case in point:
Russia would cross "a redline for the United States of America" if it were to base nuclear capable bombers in Cuba, a top US air force officer warned on Tuesday.

"If they did I think we should stand strong and indicate that is something that crosses a threshold, crosses a red line for the United States of America," said General Norton Schwartz, nominated to be the air force's chief of staff.

He was referring to a Russian news report that said the military is thinking of flying long-range bombers to Cuba on a regular basis. [...]

The newspaper Iszvestia on Monday cited an unnamed senior Russian air force official in Moscow as saying that Russia may start regular flights by long-range bombers to Cuba in response to US plans to install a missile defense system in eastern Europe.
Well, if it isn't the big guys playing chess with nuclear weapons again - assuming that they actually knocked it off for a while - and, in the process, exposing the lives of millions to instant and horrific deaths. Notice that this proves that it was never about rival political ideologies. Nope; it was about the pursuit of power, the only real motivation of psychopaths.


So we are going back to that ugly part of the human experiential cycle; although of course, cycles never repeat themselves in exactly the same way. This is a new version of the Cold War and we suspect specific reasons for this, as well as some sort of understanding among the parties at some level. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Here is what the alignment is roughly looking like:

- The Axis of Evil: The United States, Israel, Great Britain and - alas - Sarkozy's France.

and, in the other corner:

- Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea.

Here's why we think it aligns this way, explained point by point:

The Missile Fever

Condoleezza Rice signed a missile defense deal with the Czech Republic which permits the siting of a tracking radar station on Czech soil as part of an extended US missile shield. The argument is that this is needed to ward off potential attacks by those pesky 'rogue' states - you know, such as Iran - who pose "a common threat in the 21st century". Condi says that the radar system is not aimed at Russia; the problem is that the Czech Republic is at the doorstep of Russia and, let's face it, Iran poses no real missile threat to anyone. So it is a case of 'listen Peter, here's a message for Paul'.

As expected, Russia reacted by pointing out that the deal "complicates security issues on a global scale". The Russian Foreign Ministry warned in a statement that they "will be forced to react not with diplomatic, but with military-technical methods". No wonder that Russia is also trying to put its feet at the doorstep of the US, as mentioned above. And no wonder that Russia's new president, Dmitri Medvedev, doesn't take criticism from the US in very good spirits.

Notice that Russia is now increasingly concerned about its security, and has called for a broad new security alliance, "possibly including India and China, that would deal with problems such as terrorism and crime from Vladivostok, on Russia's eastern border, to Vancouver". The proposal was mentioned in a meeting with NATO ambassadors and it was interpreted by the media as an attempt by the Kremlin to usurp other alliances dominated by the US and Europe (i.e. NATO itself) - an explanation which actually makes sense, since it is for the benefit of Russia's safety that the West does not ally against it.

The Spy Fever

British security services have been busy with their own propaganda campaign against Russia - and Iran, but that's not news. It is very convenient that they can 'leak' information to the media without providing their names nor giving specifics; the message gets across and no anonymous source needs to take responsibility for anything. The Times published:
Britain's security services have identified Russia as the third most serious threat facing the country, it has emerged before Gordon Brown's first meeting with President Medvedev.

Security officials say that only al-Qaeda terrorism and Iranian nuclear proliferation are greater menaces to the country's safety than Russia.

The services are understood to fear that Russia's three main intelligence agencies have flooded the country with agents, The Times understands.
Talk about neuro-linguistic programming! Now Russia is mentioned in the same sentence as Iran and - shivers - al-Qaeda™, universally recognized as the pinnacle of evil. Furthermore, an article in The Telegraph claims that the "distraction" of combating Russian espionage "makes it significantly more likely that one of the many Islamist terror plots will succeed". Well, they couldn't blame Russia for sponsoring al-Qaeda™, as that would be too ridiculous, so they settled for second best: Russian spies are a "distraction", so if another bomb goes off in the UK, you know who is to blame!


Again, Russia took notice and retaliated by accusing Christopher Bowers, the acting director of UK Trade and Industry, of espionage. The information also appeared through 'media sources', while Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) declined to make an official comment.

While this little propaganda war was taking place, Alex Allan, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee of the UK, became "very seriously ill", went into a coma and was found covered in blood. His illness was treated as non-suspicious by the Counter Terrorism Command investigating it. Still, when the spy chief of one of the world's powers goes into coma for no apparent reason, with so many interesting things taking place in the world, we should all take notice. We are tempted to posit that it is something more than a simple illness, but exactly what that is, we do not know. In any case, Allan regained consciousness after ten days and the official story was that he had pneumonia and it was the prolonged coughing that brought up blood.

British tabloids, on the other hand, have their own theory. Yes, you guessed it: they are speculating that it was a Russian assassination attempt. It's funny how speculation doesn't usually make it to the media unless the hypotheses are convenient for the establishment. Then it's just a matter of repeating them endlessly until they sink into people's minds as 'facts'. Think about Saddam's non-existent weapons of mass destruction, for a recent example with catastrophic consequences.

It is possible that latest tensions with Russia are just a continuation of the power games that got wide exposure with the Litvenenko affair, or mere theatre as distraction. We suggest that you read our report on the case to get a better idea of tangled web of power that leads all the way back to the Middle East.

My Enemy's Friend is My Enemy

Back in June, Russia moved closer to Iran by signing a $2.5 billion deal to build airliners. Maybe this 'closeness' is the main factor that has moved the Axis of Evil to launch a campaign against Russia. We do not know how close Russia really is with Iran, but it is quite clear that Russia is not following the script for the Middle East as written and directed by the Ziocons in Tel Aviv and Washington. That has got to enrage some who are counting on the prophecies of their bloodthirsty god to be fulfilled on the strict schedule of some time within the next five years. On the other hand, they could be following the script given them exactly, the point being to distract the masses with a "new cold war."

So, true or not, Israeli defense 'sources' - and here we go with those sources again - claim that Iran will receive an advanced Russian-made anti-aircraft system by 2009. The problem, they say, is that it "could help fend off any preemptive strikes against its nuclear facilities". This is the spin Zionist style: having established through years of propaganda that Iran is 'evil' and intends to build nuclear weapons, and that a preemptive strike is therefore 'good', Russia is behaving badly by making things harder for Israel. Furthermore, there is an urgent deadline for this (2009), so let the Israeli Air Force take care of things right away! Not in vain have Israeli warplanes been practicing in Iraq as preparation for a strike on Iran! Nor has it gone unnoticed that Iran has been test-firing missiles in the Persian Gulf!

On top of that, how dare the Russians get closer to Venezuela and Cuba, the two 'bad weeds' in the US backyard that is Latin America?

These new alliances appear to be one of the main reasons (scripted or not) for the new Cold War, but they are not the only ones...

It's the Natural Resources, Stupid!

Another location Russia has been rushing to clearly establish its presence in is the Arctic. Even a US Coast Guard official warned that Russia was winning the "Arctic race". With tests of new weapons and a military buildup in the area to protect its "national interests", we were reminded of the strategic significance of the North Pole during the Cold War - being a shortcut between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. But then we stumbled upon this article:
Riches in the Arctic: the New Oil Race

New geological surveys show as much as a fifth of the world's undiscovered but exploitable gas and oil reserves lie under the Arctic ice. As the ice melts, the pristine wilderness could become 'the new Houston'.

The future of the Arctic will be less white wilderness, more black gold, a new report on oil reserves in the High North has signaled this week. The first-comprehensive assessment of oil and gas resources north of the Arctic Circle, carried out by American geologists, reveals that underneath the ice, the region may contain as much as a fifth of the world's undiscovered yet recoverable oil and natural gas reserves. [...]

The significance of the report is that it puts firm figures for the first time on the hydrocarbon riches which the five countries surrounding the Arctic - the US, Russia, Canada, Norway and Denmark (through its dependency, Greenland) - have been eying for several years.
Indeed, natural resources have been openly declared as the real interest of Russia in the Arctic - something worth fighting a war for, according to Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov, head of the Defense Ministry's combat training directorate.

Thus, we find again the issue of oil. Just as the war on Iraq and the coming war on Iran are not exclusively about oil, the New World War is not exclusively about oil and other natural resources, though these are one of the driving reasons.

Oh well, here is where we get a bit philosophical about human nature. Are these psychopaths simply extremely greedy? After all, they do have all the power and money they want, don't they? They are certainly not interested in making their fellow countrymen rich, as they like the economic pyramid as steep as it can get without toppling. So we wonder, having acquired everything already, why would they want even more? It's almost as if they are grabbing as much as they can in the knowledge that the game may soon be over.

And perhaps it will be. Maybe they do know that they need to take as much as they can now, so that they can survive and live as comfortably as possible when the cosmic weather catches up with our delicate planet. Yes, once again we would like to call your attention to the evidence pointing to our spherical home - the Big Blue Marble - having been cyclically bombarded by comets and fireballs, and therefore the probability that this will happen again, perhaps much sooner than we would care to consider.

The G8 Circus - Or is That the Real Thing?

We have two main camps fighting for the world's resources: the usual Axis of Evil players (US, Israel, UK) and Russia-China-Venezuela-Iran-Korea camp. So why does Medvedev manage to make such a warm display of friendship with the other Axis of Evil gangsters during the G8 meeting?

medvedev, bush, g8
©RIA Novosti, Dmitry Astakhov

Isn't that touching? They are already thinking about their next war(s) - yet they can't help the camaraderie when they meet. A month ago Kissinger went to see Medvedev and performed the same fraternal routine.

Conventional wisdom would indicate that experienced politicians have no problem smiling for the cameras. And that is indeed correct. Psychopaths can do everything in their power to destroy you, yet they somehow manage to come across as friendly - even to their victims. But wait! What if, for a change, we are reading the equation backwards? What if the so called 'rivalry' is nothing but a circus performance for the public and their camaraderie is the real thing?

If that's the case, then the picture that emerges is as follows:

Pathocrats perceive the larger society of normal people as their real enemies. They can recognize other pathological characters as similar to themselves, and so they ally with them to further their own pursuit of power. The most successful psychopaths - such as those heading governments - are very clever, so they know that it is necessary to build a house of mirrors to keep the rest of us guessing about what is really going on. And what is going on is that wars are useful to grab resources from the people, while at the same time re-engineering entire societies for their easier control and management.

Sarkozy's NATO Fever: a Timeline

A suicide at Ben Gurion Airport during Sarkozy's visit, a French soldier shooting at civilians during an army show, several nuclear leaks, Ingrid Betancourt being finally released; viva la France! Sarkozy has recently been in the middle of seemingly unrelated events. And they all signal his alignment with the Axis of Evil.

June 24th: You may recall the event in Ben Gurion airport, when a soldier located on the roof of a building and holding an M16 killed himself when Sarkozy was just 100 meters from him. The official story was suicide.

SOTT's alternative hypothesis: Mossad sent a strong message to Sarkozy: support NATO and the agenda for the Middle East.

So Sarkozy decides to obey his masters, but he faces two major problems. First, the Gaullist culture of the French army will prevent any integration into NATO, second the French public opinion is against an attack on Iran.

June 29th: During an army show in Carcassone, a soldier shoots several civilians. The soldier supposedly mixed up real bullets and fake bullets. Though real bullets weigh much more, their container doesn't have the same color and they are systematically counted when going in and out of the arsenal. Of course, the contraceptive box found filled with real bullets raises some more suspicions. Official story: accident due to the army incompetency.

SOTT's alternative hypothesis: it was a manufactured accident, useful to discredit the French army - unsympathetic to Sarkozy's plans - and to legitimize its integration in NATO.

©2008 La Depeche du Midi
"A Strange Discovery"

July 1st: The French army's top officer, General Cuche resigns. Sarkozy accepts this resignation before any inquiry is conducted and before any judgment is pronounced. Sarkozy publicly scolds the army's representatives : "You're not professionals, you are amateurs".

Sarkozy amongst French troops he eventually stabbed in the back

July 2nd: Franco-Colombian politician and hostage Ingrid Betancourt is released from Colombian rebels and Mossad seems to have played a major role in the operation. Official story: Mossad helped with the operation in order to stay on good terms with Colombia and the US (two US hostages were also released).

SOTT's alternative hypothesis: Sarkozy has proven his compliance with Israeli orders by firing France's top General and taking one more step towards NATO; in exchange and as a sign of 'good will' Mossad helped him gain some points in the popularity charts.

July 14th: Bastille Day and its usual army ceremonies. After Sarkozy insulted the army, drastically and unilaterally cut its budget and acknowledged submission to NATO, French soldiers display a rather loose demonstration in front of Sarkozy and his privileged guest Bashar Assad, the Syrian dictator. After being invaded by Israel, the Lebanese people must have been delighted by this news.

Sarkozy showing the way towards submission under NATO diktats

July 18th: 28 kg of Semtex explosive are stolen. Official story: Some bad guys have taken advantage of the security weaknesses and stolen the explosives.

SOTT's alternative hypothesis: French citizens won't accept an invasion of Iran but a terror event à la 9-11 and the WTC attributed to an Islamist terrorist organization linked to Iran should change the French opinion right quick!

July 24th: Fillon, the French prime minister officially announces the reduction plan and the development of a Franco-German military unit. Who said embryonic European army? (These two articles are only available in French.) The days are numbered for the French army. Over the next three years 83 units will be destroyed.

July 30th : According to a survey conducted by CSA and Le Parisien, confidence in Sarkozy rose to 40% compared to 36% at the end of June.

No more explanations are needed; the sad case of a once strong and vitally important France becoming just another cog in the Fascist machine appears quite clear.

Some People Never Learn: Tony Blair Gets Another Warning

Apparently, Blair didn't get the first hint and required another reminder to be a good puppet. Who knew he would turn out to be such an undisciplined bad boy?
"Unfortunately Mr Blair has had to postpone his visit to Gaza due to a specific security threat which would have made it impossible to proceed," a spokesman for the former prime minister said of the last-minute decision...

An Israeli diplomatic source said Blair was informed by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak "that there was a threat that could materialise as he entered the Gaza Strip"...

"The story of security threats was only an Israeli invention to prevent the visit," Abu Zuhri said. "Blair should have not accepted these silly allegations."
The problem is that we know he has no real intentions of helping Palestinians or confronting the Zionists. He is pretty much aware of being nice to those who butter his bread, no doubt. So why do the Israelis even bother to orchestrate those demonstrations, unless the rules of the power game require a seasonal reminder of who's the biggest bully on the block?

But we do want to turn your attention to one particular detail mentioned in the Jerusalem Post article:
Hamas was to have provided security for Blair's trip. Although Hamas has mostly pacified once lawless Gaza, shadowy extremist groups are still believed to operate in Gaza.
And we wonder if this suddenly materializing threat from 'shadowy extremist groups' is not the notorious musta'ribeen - Arabic-speaking Israeli informants who prey on Arab innate hospitality and friendliness. Which brings us to another issue of the 'non-existent' but somehow 'ever present' al-Qaeda™:

The Sting: Israel and Arab students as Al Qaeda Agents

Apparently Israel decided this month that there is one specific area of Palestinian or Arab oppression that wasn't appropriately explored yet. Why should the US get all the glory for capturing and torturing the evil al-Qaeda™ agents? After all, Shin Bet taught the brave US sons everything they know about the "right treatment" of the Muslim part of the world population. Besides, it never hurts to deepen the demonization of Muslims and tighten the grip on Israeli Arabs, who should never forget that they are at Israel's mercy.

And so, at first two Bedouin from Rahat were accused of having links to al-Qaeda and planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel, and only two weeks later six Arab students who study at Hebrew University were accused of collecting information in an attempt to shoot down a helicopter carrying senior officials during Bush's visit to Israel. Not surprisingly, they have admitted to the suspicions against them. After receiving Shin Bet's special treatment they would probably admit to anything, even taking responsibility for the recent jellyfish invasion on Tel Aviv beaches for example. Wouldn't you?

So let us repeat, for the sake of those readers who are still not tired of reading it over and over, that al-Qaeda™ doesn't exist. The only al-Qaeda ever found was the phony Mossad' constructed' 'al-Qaeda cell in Palestine'. Musta'ribeen, remember? By way of deception, thou shalt maintain the myth of the Palestinian suicide bomber and orchestrate terror attacks against the population you were sworn to protect.

Mossad agents arrested by the PA for attempting to set up phony 'al Qaeda' cells in the Gaza Strip.

But there is one specific aspect of this story that we wish to emphasize. Haaretz' version of the two Bedouin story mentions this:
"The Shin Bet investigation had focused on Taher, who had turned toward radical Islam in recent years. The Shin Bet concluded that he had contacted Al-Qaida through the Internet and agreed to participate in terrorist activities inside Israel, offering details on the location of Israel Defense Forces camps, strategic installations and crowded public places that could be targeted."
Looks like Taher was duped or manipulated using the oldest trick in the book, called otherwise: The Sting. Another case of two naive Arabs who were used to 'create the reality' of an enemy that simply does not exist. We may never know the true details of both stories, but you can read Joe Quinn's article on the FBI version of the procedure.

It is clear that Israel makes every effort it can to tighten the rope around the already barely breathing Palestinian population. But let's hope that all those attacks against the flesh won't break the spirit. Also remember that what comes around goes around, and all that implies.

Modus Operandi: Suspicious Suicides and Military Rearrangements

While Sarkozy's recent military reshuffles indicate a degree of haste, the same process has been taking place in the US over the last few years, with some recent events indicating that activity is also being sped up. Back in March, Admiral William J. Fallon "resigned" and was replaced soon afterwards with war pimp David Petraeus. Then, in June, Gen. Norton Schwartz was appointed as the new US Air Force chief, replacing Gen. Michael Moseley who was fired over the Minot AFB "missing nukes" incident back in August 2007. Moseley wasn't the only departure - USAF General and CIA director Michael Hayden was also discharged from the Air Force, as well as Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne. But all this "incompetence" centered around Minot doesn't end there. It was recently reported that a three-member ballistic missile crew fell asleep while in possession of classified launch codes for nuclear missiles.

Of course we are told not to worry, as the launch codes "were old and had been deactivated, and there was no actual security breach". Given the recent history of Minot, we respectfully ask that our skepticism regarding this claim be forgiven. How exactly do three servicemen on duty all fall asleep on the same shift? Negligence seems to be an explanation that is a little "too easy" to accept here. And if that weren't enough, there was a report less than a week ago of the likely suicide of Brig. Gen. Thomas Tinsley, who was previously working as executive officer to Gen. Moseley. According to the report, his wife and daughter were home at the time which, although not ruling out foul play, suggests that perhaps something drove the General to commit 'suicide' quite impulsively. The burden of some awful secret perhaps? Or something "external", as in it not being suicide at all? These 'useful suicides' appear to be piling up of late.

Locking down the psychopathic legal system and clinching Presidential Immunity

It's not only the military that is being "reshuffled" in the US. Congress has again kowtowed to its pathocratic overlords by passing an update to the FISA bill that legalizes US government domestic spying (including via secret programs), provides new powers and guarantees immunity to any telecommunications companies involved. This will also enable the neocon persecution of innocent American Muslims to continue legally, despite evidence that they have been spying illegally for years. As Glenn Greenwald wrote so eloquently for Salon:
"...our political establishment is doing what it now habitually does: namely, ensuring that the political and corporate elite who break our laws on purpose are immune from consequences."
And yet again we see glimpses of the true Barack Obama via his support for the bill's revision. Given such Orwellian measures though, Obama might be deluding himself if he thinks the general elections are even going to occur at all. With the previously outlined movements taking place in the Middle East, a war with Iran (perhaps instigated via a false flag attack) could break out before the US elections can take place.

From the psychopathic Executive Branch, and ponerized Legislative and Judicial branches, we can also see further "reshuffling" taking place in the form of Right-Wing Authoritarians filling the ranks of law enforcement. Consider the recent spate of terrible police Taser attacks; in the last month alone:
A 21-year old man died after being tased 9 times.
A 16-year old boy was hospitalized after being tased 19 times with a broken back.
A 66-year old reverend was tased over a joke.
A newly-married couple were tased and arrested at their wedding reception.
A blind, diabetic woman with cancer was tased to "facilitate handcuffing".
A 27-year old man was tased after seeking treatment at a hospital for a sinus infection.
And a 17-year old boy died after being tased for 37 seconds continuously.

Injured boy
©KY3 News

We can see from this small selection of articles that anyone can be a target for this kind of brutality - age, sex, race or health notwithstanding. And with a "terrorist" watch list now in excess of over a million names, blatant abuses of power by security personnel, rising incidences of paramilitary-style police home invasions, and outright confiscation of your personal property without any suspicion of wrongdoing, there can be little doubt that America is already a full-fledged police state, awaiting only the symbolic act that will make it a fascist dictatorship.

Suspicious Fires, Vancouver Explosion and Big Brother Reign

"Tell me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are." This bit of ancient wisdom sounds relevant as never before when one of your friends is labeled as: 'Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.' And with friends like this, there is no need for any more enemies.

After reading all the above sections, you should have a clear picture that another false flag operation is just a matter of time. And we are pretty much running out of that. But why concentrate on just one location if there are many other lucrative opportunities waiting to be utilized? One of those opportunities involves the US nearest neighbor - Canada. And Canada is going to host the 2010 Olympics. Apparently, and quite expected in our current atmosphere, the Olympics are planned as a major Big Brother event, with cameras and radars in the air, 13,000 security personnel and military back up - makes sense if upcoming Martial Law is all the rage.

But since the devil is in the details, we found this small notion on the Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce site:
"The Canadians have begun preparations for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The Trade Delegation has been in contact with the person responsible for security arrangements in the Organizing Committee of the 2010 Winter Olympics. With the help of the Export Institute a presentation will be prepared which will include details of Israeli companies capable of supplying products or services for Olympic Security."
Another project for Israeli companies that involves working on foreign security systems. Seems like this cat has no problem with getting his cream. Which is actually not surprising when in April Canada signed a special "Public Security" agreement with Israel.

Dear Canadians, feeling secure yet? Perhaps the following will ease your mind... or not.

On the 14th of July thousands of Vancouver residents experienced a power outage caused by an underground fire and explosion. Then 300 miles away in the British Columbia interior there was another similar explosion on 15th of July.

Amazing coincidence, don't you think? Even more interesting is to read people's comments on the event. This one for example found under the CBC version of the story:
"With the power out for more than 24 hours, most alarm systems' batteries would be run dry. That gives CSIS the perfect opportunity to set up their next terrorist attack against non-Conservative leaning Canadians."
Good to see that there are actually people who are paying attention. And in another comment we find two last paragraphs that talk about the Olympic related construction and 9/11.
Monday's fire in an underground power tunnel below downtown Vancouver caused an an early rush hour...

Beneath the camaraderie of shared experience, however, was the question: How could this happen in a city this size? How can this happen in a modern, first world country? But that was quickly followed by shared wonderment that it hadn't happened sooner with all of the major construction downtown.

Vancouver has nearly doubled in size in the past decade and now there's all this Olympic-related construction including the new rapid-transit line, convention centre, athletes' village, two new hotels downtown and dozens of condo projects.

And there's the lurking question from 9/11. If an accidental fire can wreak so much confusion, what would it be like if there were a planned and coordinated attack?"
Interesting, don't you think? For so many years Vancouver goes through a constant renovation and expansion, and never experienced any major outages due to 'accidental fires'. And only now, when many are busy with Olympic-related construction aided by Israeli security companies no less, there are two serious outages within two days. We hope you are thinking of what we are thinking here.

Yet another killer virus

Here's an alarming little item that caught our attention:
A newly discovered and highly lethal virus strain begins with symptoms similar to that of a cold but can quickly lead to severe respiratory crisis. [...]

The virus was discovered by infectious-disease expert David N. Gilbert, who noticed that otherwise healthy patients were being stricken by pneumonia so severe that they would die without oxygen treatment. The dangerous symptoms developed within only one or two days of initial cough and fever symptoms.

Since Gilbert's discovery of the virus in Portland, Oregon, outbreaks have been identified at military bases in Washington, Texas and South Carolina.

The disease is a variety of adenovirus, the family that includes 51 infectious agents responsible for diseases such as colds, pink eye, bronchitis and the stomach flu. A mutation has apparently occurred in a virus called adenovirus 14, making it much more lethal. In the first outbreak examined by Gilbert, seven of 30 hospitalized patients died.

"That's an incredibly high mortality rate,"
Gilbert said.
One would think that the appearance of a cold-like virus with an "incredibly high" mortality rate would make it to the mainstream media headlines, especially since the media has worked hard to scare us all with the bird flu in the past. But this wasn't the case; we searched for different versions of this article and came up almost empty handed, to the point that we initially wondered if this wasn't like one of those Pravda or Sorcha Faal fabricated disinformation 'news' items. A source was able to do a Nexis search and came up with this article from Internal Medicine News:
During the winter of 2006 and the spring of 2007, adenovirus 14 caused a community outbreak of respiratory disease in Oregon, with a fatality rate of 19%, Dr. Paul Lewis reported at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

"This seemed to come out of nowhere," Dr. Lewis, a public health physician with the state of Oregon and a pediatric infectious disease physician with Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, said of the outbreak. "In patients with serious respiratory illness without an identified etiology, clinicians should think about viruses."

The cluster was first identified in the spring of 2007 by his associate, Dr. David Gilbert, who was making rounds in the intensive care unit at Providence Portland Medical Center and thought it was odd that 4 of 13 patients had adenovirus infections, which are typically mild and self-limited.

"When we called other hospitals in the Portland area, we almost fell out of our chairs because they all had seen recent severe and fatal cases of adenovirus," Dr. Lewis said.

The researchers studied 45 cases of adenovirus that were detected in Oregon medical laboratories between November 2006 and April 2007. The adenovirus isolates were typed by hexon gene sequencing or by a novel adenovirus 14-specific real-time polymerase chain reaction assay.

More than 75% of all adenovirus cases were in male patients. Of the 45 cases, 31 (69%) were adenovirus 14, a serotype first identified in 1953 but seen infrequently and never in outbreaks since that time.
However, the article quoted from Natural News above did not appear on a suspicious site, it made reference to real people, and it was supported by a report from November last year that stated that months before "a so-called boot camp flu sickened hundreds at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The most serious cases were blamed on the emerging virus and one 19-year-old trainee died." It added that it targeted "healthy young adults".

An enlarged view of an adenovirus

Apart from the obvious - that a killer virus emerging from military bases is highly suspicious - we should take note of its similarity to the Spanish flu of 1918-1919, which also preferred young and healthy victims. Curiously enough, in 2005 a group of scientists were able to recreate the virus.

So far, the only thing that appears to make the Spanish flu much more of a threat than the new virus is that the former was much more virulent. Viruses, though, tend to mutate, and we suggest to keep an eye on this one - just in case the connection with the military is not a mere coincidence, and therefore there is a likely intention of spreading it among the population, especially when taken together with the strange deaths of leading microbiologists. And you can add another to the list.

If such a criminal intention is real, then the criminals, acting from positions of power in the dark, are not dissimilar to the mafia, and like the mafia, it would make sense for them to send violent and intimidating messages to other players if needed. Could it be that the recent case of the two French biochemist students who were murdered in London was meant as a warning of sorts? It is unlikely that the work of any two students alone can make any difference on a global scale. But perhaps the work of the sponsoring institutions - the London Imperial College and the Polytech Clermont-Ferrard - could, or the work of the academic sphere as a whole.

The murder of the students was remarkable because of the apparent lack of motive, the unnecessary and extreme violence used, and the fact that each of them was researching a hot topic of our times: Laurent Bonomo was studying the proteins that cause infectious disease, while Gabriel Ferez hoped to become an expert in ecofriendly fuels.

Food for cars, not for people

Talking about ecofriendly fuels, we call your attention to the following bit of information:
Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% - far more than previously estimated - according to a confidential World Bank report obtained by the Guardian. The damning unpublished assessment is based on the most detailed analysis of the crisis so far, carried out by an internationally-respected economist at global financial body.

The figure emphatically contradicts the US government's claims that plant-derived fuels contribute less than 3% to food-price rises. It will add to pressure on governments in Washington and across Europe, which have turned to plant-derived fuels to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce their dependence on imported oil. [...]

haiti mud cakes
©David Levene
In Cité Soleil, one of Port-au-Prince's worst slums, making the clay-based food is a major income earner. Mud cakes are the only inflation-proof food available to Haiti's poor.

"Political leaders seem intent on suppressing and ignoring the strong evidence that biofuels are a major factor in recent food price rises," said Robert Bailey, policy adviser at Oxfam. "It is imperative that we have the full picture. While politicians concentrate on keeping industry lobbies happy, people in poor countries cannot afford enough to eat."

Rising food prices have pushed 100m people worldwide below the poverty line, estimates the World Bank, and have sparked riots from Bangladesh to Egypt. Government ministers here have described higher food and fuel prices as "the first real economic crisis of globalisation". [...]
So there it is. As we had already pointed out, the global food crisis has been manufactured by those who hold the strings of the world financial system, in pure Shock Doctrine style. Did you notice that our leaders want to hear nothing about the fact that biofuels are causing a food crisis? Why would they support something that harms people under the argument that it helps the environment (and therefore the people), while knowing that is not the case? Why are the leaders of the G8 countries showing such a lack of real concern for ending poverty?

Why, because it is not in their personal best interest, of course!

Place Your Bets and Look Up the Sky

Last month we shared with you our puzzlement with lack of adequate news coverage of possible sightings of our fiery messengers from space. But not all was lost and the Taurid shower did happen after all, even if with a bit of delay.

Only one day after the anniversary of Tunguska we've got a small demonstration of what those uninvited guests are capable of. As was reported in the previous article:
Dry weather, fires, spontaneous combustion? As it turns out the Taurid meteor event was not a complete bust, more like a combustion:
1st of July 2008 - Witnesses across Southern California say they saw an object 'moving very fast across the northern sky' and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains. Officials have no firm answers on what it was.

From Hollywood Hills to the Nevada state line, people reported seeing a fireball streaking across the sky and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains this morning. But explanations of the mysterious object were scarce.

San Bernardino County Fire Dispatch reported receiving dozens of calls related to what was described as fireball moving at high speed and falling in northwest sky around 10:40 a.m.

"We got quite a few reports. It started with a gentlemen in the Lake Arrowhead reporting a fireball in the Meadow Bay area and then we started getting calls from all over," said San Bernardino County dispatch supervisor Tom Barnes. "Fire crews in Barstow and on I-15 near Stateline came up on the radio and reported an object in the sky moving very fast across the northern sky and described it as yellowish green in color with streaks of debris. It looked like it burned up before it hit the ground."
Now isn't it a "coincidence" that California became engulfed, at its peak, in 1,783 fires across the state, scorching over 527,000 acres, including one in the San Bernardino mountains. Firefighters are still battling over 300 fires. Yet, all the fires are being blamed on "unusual early-summer lightning storms".
But California wasn't the only location engulfed with flames that day. There was another curiously similar event in Washington, also explained as triggered by lightning. But we can't really expect them to report anything with the word 'meteorite' attached to it, right? It makes things much more interesting, especially when one of those 'bright objects' may be mistaken for a nuclear missile.

Okanogan fire 3
©Chronicle photo by Al Camp
Fire lights up the night sky as it burns over a long line just outside Okanogan

Speaking of missiles: At the beginning of the month an 'unexpected meteor' (that's what happens when none of the astronomers are paying attention or doing their job) streaked across the Israeli sky and sparked fears that the country was under attack by Iran.

Israeli newspapers did their best to use the opportunity and add more confusion by making a connection between the sighting and Iranian missile testing. According to the speculations, Iran launched a missile without a warhead in order to test if it can reach Israel. Obviously military sources didn't bother to refute such handy propaganda delivered from the sky like a wrapped birthday gift.

The only thing we may add about it, is that we were offered yet another valuable demonstration of how such events may be used to further the murderous pathocratic agenda, especially when the next 'unexpected meteorite' actually falls on a populated area and causes damage similar to what happened in California.

And apparently the same object was also seen crossing the Cyprus sky. The witness accounts and 'questionable' nature triggered quite a discussion between our readers. At least no one implied that this was flare or a Chinese lantern. But that's when the work of identifying the nature of sightings becomes a little bit tricky for yours truly.

Since we are in the middle of a 'flap' (and we will go into that in much detail in the next section) many news reports of 'objects in sky' carry confusing details, leaving us wondering if those multiple simultaneous sightings of 'flares' are signs of a possible meteorite storm or another kind of uninvited and no less hostile guest?

With everything happening in the sky this month, we might as well pick a number and spin the roulette wheel.

And while you are busy gazing into the stars, let us share with you one last piece of information for this section which signifies that humanity is not the only one going through changes. Looks like our home planet is currently under maintenance. Watch out and don't stand under the scaffolding.
Rapid changes in the churning movement of Earth's liquid outer core are weakening the magnetic field in some regions of the planet's surface, a new study says.

"What is so surprising is that rapid, almost sudden, changes take place in the Earth's magnetic field," said study co-author Nils Olsen, a geophysicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen.

The findings suggest similarly quick changes are simultaneously occurring in the liquid metal, 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers) below the surface, he said.
Attack of the Chinese Lanterns

In case you haven't noticed yet, there is a UFO flap. Most of it is taking place in the UK, but it is also happening in other places, such as Canada and the Middle East. Either that, or you believe that Chinese lanterns have suddenly become really popular all over the globe and are regularly released to float around every other night. Indeed, "paper lanterns" is the new official explanation for a number of sightings of orange objects in the skies. No doubt this will become a favorite of debunkers along with the more classic explanations of "planet Venus", "weather balloons" and "swamp gas", and you are certainly free to choose to believe that, if you must.


If, on the other hand, you share with us a conviction that there is more than enough evidence that many of the sightings do not have conventional explanations, then you may find it interesting to know that this summer British sightings have been at 'bizarre' levels; that Canada experienced a high increase of sightings in 2007; and that Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has publicly declared that UFOs are real, that insiders know the truth and alien bodies discovered are being studied.

There have been so many sightings of UFO and related phenomena lately that perhaps it's best to make a list of the ones we caught in the last five days or so, for a sample:

Canada: Sasquatch sighting has Grassy Narrows in a buzz (Big foot sightings are often related to UFOs.)
Argentina: Mutilations in Rosario del Tala (Cattle mutilations are also often related.)
Strange lights spotted in Israeli sky: Mossad's masters are calling?
UFO sightings in Stevenage, England
UK: Orange UFOs puzzle Birmingham
UK: Mysterious speeding object leaves UFO experts puzzled
UK: Mysterious lights over Sheffield
More Mystery lights spotted in UK skies
Weird lights in the sky set pulses racing across the UK
UK: Our Garden was Buzzed by a UFO!

While we cannot have any certainty about the real nature of the phenomena, we are pretty certain that this is not a reason to celebrate, as festive as Chinese lanterns may be. Quite the contrary; anyone who has studied the UFO phenomena impartially will conclude that for the most part, the intelligence behind it cares not about the well being of humanity.

A brief note on a scandal

Since we are on the subject of the bizarre, sinister and widely ignored 'elephants in the living room', we would like to make a brief news announcement which should be a scandal.

More than 2,000 US children reported missing per day
"According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 797,500 children were reported missing in a recent 12-month period. The department estimates about 2,100 children are reported missing each day."
This is more than enough reason to be shocked and horrified. And that's just within the U.S. How does a nation lose 800,000 children a year?? We would like to get more information on this issue, and if anyone out there has resources to look into this, we would be grateful.

Cui bono?

Those of you who read SOTT on a daily basis know that in order to get to the truth one has to go through layers and layers of lies and manipulation. But in many cases lies are so deep that at some point the process of peeling the onion involves wandering into a zone of many loose ends without any apparent connection between them. But since we know that this world is maintained by individuals who feed on power and total control, it becomes clear that there is a yet to be discovered layer of master puppeteers who prefer the role of back room operators and behind-the-scenes strategists. And as 'there is no honor among thieves', the front stage players along with the rest of the population are nothing but chess pieces, utilized for the sole purpose of furthering the desired agenda.


But we didn't exactly shake your world by the above assessment, right? The Internet is full of sites talking about 'the shadow government', 'new world order', 'the Illuminati', etc. Each offers their unique point of view on how we are being duped. Well, we are not going to go that far, but we are going to indulge ourselves, just this time, and speculate on a somewhat high probability of another hidden layer of the current world events. Looks like those loose ends can be connected after all. Obviously, keeping in mind that whoever they are, they are pushing their plans according to a schedule.

There is a well known strategic technique: leading your ally to do the dirty work for you. But what happens when an ally is nothing but a useful, if indeed powerful, idiot? Let's see if we can spot someone like this by zeroing on our usual Axis of Evil players.

What better way to control the population than through the stomach. It is a given that everyone has to eat. Now that food production has been centralized, the breadbaskets of the world are either struggling to deal with unprecedented floods, dying in drought or succumbing to rust and terminator seeds which are here to stay, certain leaders won't think twice about killing off a few billion and bowing down before their masters, whoever they are. Looks like Svalbard opened just in time in case things get too carried away before the comet strikes...

Comet strikes? Sorry, we got carried away. Back to the issue at hand. So who's responsible for this turmoil other than the usual suspect, i.e. the banking system?

During the last interview with Andrzej M. Łobaczewski, he gave away a rather curious piece of information:
Q: And who in your opinion is on the top? What do you mean by the "order"?
A: The "Order"? Well, I cannot know who is there in the "order".
Q: Well, you think something about it, so what is your opinion?
A: I have a certain opinion. Well, this "order" is the center [of the pathocratic 'brotherhood'], which is located in England outside of London... The Trilateral Commission belongs to that center.
We have to admit that gathering objective facts on those guys was and is quite difficult. Nonetheless, we are left to wonder about what decisions are made somewhere in the corridors of the banks in London. And perhaps history can assist us in filling in some blanks as 'they' fill their bank accounts (and if they can't do that, they'll do it the 'old fashioned way')?

History takes us to the time of the Balfour Declaration, when many enlightened leaders thought that it would be a good idea to place Jews (read Zionists) in Palestine. But for what purpose? What is the interest of introducing a completely different culture into an Arab dominated region other than to make sure that the local power structures (numerous Arab countries) are prevented from becoming too powerful and holding an enormous amount of potential resources? It should be clear that a conflict was about to erupt. Or was it intentional?

These days we find ourselves in the situation where an increasing war-mongering climate is designed to give Israel the confidence to get out there and make a strike against Iran when, in fact, no one may actually intend to give them more than token backup with the hopes that all this war and fighting will basically reduce the populations - both Arab and Jewish - to almost nothing (if not nothing), so that the oil is then available to be grabbed by the "superpowers". If resources they want, resources they'll get - at any cost.

Is that too much of a stretch?

It is no secret that US is mainly dominated by pro-Zionist lobby, and in addition encouraged by the UK. This is something that may weaken the US and ultimately destroy it. There is no doubt that if the US chooses to engage Iran on Israel's behalf it will be so stretched that it will certainly collapse.

Cui bono?

It seems that the increasing price of oil is controlled and intended to be used as the reason for genocide. Notice how everyone of us is expected to make sacrifices, even if it means decreasing the content of our daily meals!

No doubt that those events are going to make an impact on other essential things like limiting our ability to travel. What if all airlines have to shut down or raise prices so that only the wealthy elite can travel because the price of oil is so high? Only the wealthy can eat. Only the wealthy can do anything at all because the price of oil - which underlies the price of everything else - keeps going up. But that won't stop them from flying their Lamborghinis 6,500 miles for an oil change.

We are not your garden variety conspiracy alarmists, mind you.

But we can't ignore the clear signs of an overt manipulation. Even the brightest of us are caught up in this spectacular five-ring display of diplomatic circus. So it seems that this is the time to utilize perspicacity and our own abilities to read the objective state of reality.

The bottom line is, what if they (those who walk London's or other corridors) are using the price of oil to control things? And what if the war-mongering is designed to lure Israel and possibly the US into another useless war so as to decimate both the Arab and Israeli populations, while the main plot is to grab as many resources as possible before it's too late? Too late in this case would be defined as before we have bigger problems to face, such as an impending cosmic catastrophe.

It's Magic Time!

We hope you didn't think that we would end this 'connecting the dots' installment on such a gloomy note. Because hope is exactly what helps us to maintain this small lighthouse of ours.

Despite all the darkness, there is much beauty and magic in things that are patiently waiting to be discovered. And we are happy to share with you one such thing - a picture of one of July's magnificent crop circles.

crop circle
©Temporary Temples

Thank you and good night.