John Farley captured this strange object while taking photographs in Devon

As a budding photographer, John Farley is used to capturing some extraordinary scenes and images.

But nothing could prepare him for the shock of a speeding UFO which he caught on camera while taking pictures of a famous British beauty spot.

Mr Farley was snapping away at Berry Head in Brixham, Devon, when he captured the unusual image of sunny Torbay.

But it wasn't until he got home and glanced through the images on his computer that he noticed a mysterious round object in the background.

'I don't know what it is,' said the retired bus driver from Kingskerswell near Newton Abbot.

The strange object has left even photographic experts scratching their heads as to what it could possibly be.

'The picture was taken at a thousandth of a second at f4 which would normally make any moving object pin-sharp,' one expert said.

'The fact that John's object is blurred is a bit baffling. I'm afraid we can't identify what's there except to say it's moving pretty damn quickly.'

The sighting was just one of a series of mysterious lights flitted across the night sky on Saturday - which saw a record number of such sightings in the UK.

A close up of the object which was captured at a thousandth of a second

A Devon couple also claim to have witnessed some 'unusual activity' near their home in Barnsey Gardens, Ashburton.

Wayne and Jo Taylor were treated to a spectacular light show as they sat outside their home on Saturday night.

Mr, 40, said: 'I just couldn't believe it. I've never seen anything like it in my life before.'

He counted about a dozen, slow-moving circular lights in formation heading towards Dartmoor at 10.20pm.

'The whole of Ashburton is now talking about it. I have absolutely no rational explanation for what I saw. The lights moved at one stage at a 90 degree angle.

'They were not these lanterns that people keep reporting. There was no way of telling how far or close they were. It's very difficult to explain them. They were quite random.'

At the same time other star-gazers across the country were being similarly gob-smacked by the apparitions with 200 seen at various points between the South West and Yorkshire.

A spokesman for UFO Investigations UK confirmed it received more than 200 reported sightings.

He called for a Government inquiry to explain the deluge of reports from Sussex and Bedfordshire and from Devon to Lancashire and beyond.