Funnel cloud sightings were reported across northeast Ohio Saturday.

Residents experienced heavy rain, wind, lightning, hail during severe storms across the area.

A tornado warning was issued for some areas, NewsChannel5 reported.

Several pictures of cloud rotations were sent to, including one from Robert Rose. He spotted what looks like a funnel cloud in Minerva in Stark County.

More pictures were send in of a rotation that the viewer said never touched the ground. It happened just southeast of Minerva.

The National Weather Service has not confirmed any tornadoes in Ohio.

The wild weather also forced shoppers to huddle for cover.

Storm clouds swept throughout the area during the evening, bringing high wind to downtown Cleveland, rain to Brunswick and a [sic]

There was also a tornado threat in Elyria.

About 200 customers at the Elyria Wal-Mart were ordered to the back of the store after a possible twister sighting.

"When they said tornado, the first you always get like, 'Oh my God.' and stuff like that. I was praying a little bit," said shopper Anita Dolinger.

Elyria residents reported a tornado sighting around Route 57, but the National Weather Service has not yet confirmed it.

There have been no reports of widespread damage or power outages caused by the storms.