Ever since the 9/11 attacks, Sott.net, along with many others commentators (including US government officials), have repeatedly stated that "al-qaeda" is a fabricated enemy. That it is used to justify the Ziocon's military rampage though the Middle East while simultaneously terrorising the folks back home.

In the past 7 years the world public has repeatedly been treated to bogus missives from "al-Qaeda leaders" that strangely echo the Islamophobic claims of the leaders of the Western world.

Every time a member of the US or Israeli government expounded on the "Muslim terror threat to freedom and democracy everywhere", soon afterwards "al-Qaeda" obligingly popped up with a new video or statement in which they threatened freedom and democracy.

As the massive holes in the US government's official story of the 9/11 attacks continue to widen, and sites like Sott.net continue to point to the real culprits in Tel Aviv and Washington DC, disembodied internet voices that US government officials "believe to be that of Osama bin laden", set the record straight and claim responsibility. In spite of such strenuous efforts to fool the entire world, fewer and fewer people are buying the terror hysteria, and recently the desperation on the part of the Ziocons has begun to show.

On April 22, the CIA/Mossad chose to have Mr. Magoo stand-in and "al-Qaeda number 2" "al-Zawahiri", do something which, until now, was almost unthinkable.
Al-Qaeda accuses Iran of 9/11 lie

BBC News

Leave Israel alone! Or I'll attack Iran!

Al-Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has blamed Iran for spreading the theory that Israel was behind the 11 September 2001 attacks.

In an audio tape posted on the internet, Zawahiri insisted al-Qaeda had carried out the attacks on the US.
Allow me to translate this into common parlance for you:

"Don't believe those crazy conspiracy theorists who point to the massive inconsistencies in the official story! Take it from me, arch-Muslim terror boogeyman al-Zawahiri, it was "al-Qaeda" WE DID IT! It was NOT Israel! You must support your glorious leaders in the White House and Israel in their continued murder and butchery of innocent Muslims of the Middle East! You must support them in their attempts to find a justification for attacking Lebanon and Syria and Iran and murdering millions of Iranian and Lebanese and Syrian civilians! Remember! It was NOT Israel!!"
He accused Iran, and its Hezbollah allies, of trying to discredit Osama Bin Laden's network.

Correspondents say the comments underline al-Qaeda's increasing public hostility towards Iran.

In a two-hour audiotape posted on an Islamist website, Osama Bin Laden's chief deputy responded to questions posted by al-Qaeda sympathisers.

In response to a question about persistent rumours in the Middle East that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attacks, Zawahiri said the rumour had begun on the Hezbollah television station, Al-Manar.

"The purpose of this lie is clear - [to suggest] that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt America as no-one else did in history, he said.

"Iranian media snapped up this lie and repeated it."

Sunni fears

Zawahiri went on to criticise Iran for co-operating with the US in its 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, that helped to oust the Taleban.

"Iran's aim here is also clear - to cover up its involvement with America in invading the homes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said.

This is the second verbal attack on Iran, a predominantly Shia Muslim country.

Earlier this month, in an audiotape marking the fifth anniversary of the fall of Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein, the al-Qaeda deputy accused Iran of planning to annexe southern Iraq and the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula.

BBC security correspondent Rob Watson says such messages appear designed to play on Sunni fears throughout the region of growing Iranian influence, and to present al-Qaeda as the best bulwark against Tehran.

Now, you may be wondering why a "worldwide Islamic terror group" is defending Israel against "9/11 conspiracy theories" and threatening another Muslim nation. You may also be thinking that al-Zawahiri's words closely resemble the Bush government's demand that we should "never entertain outlandish conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks". You will however remain in your state of bewilderment up until the point that you make the leap of logic to the obvious conclusion: that "al-Qaeda" is actually a fully controlled US/Israeli government asset and is dragged out every so often to provide the "reality" of "Islamic terrorism".

Is it so hard to consider the idea that, since the 9/11 attacks were the casus belli for an expansion of empire that was planned many years beforehand, that those who are waging the war were most probably behind the 9/11 attacks?

At this late stage in the war-on-terror farce, anything that comes from "al-Qaeda" can safely be taken, almost word for word, as the policy, intentions or desires of the Ziocons. From its original role as an excuse to attack Muslim nations of the Middle East, today "al-Qaeda" is being used as an actual arm of the US/Israeli/British military-industrial complex. With "al-Zawahiri's" recent verbal attacks on Iran, it is quite possible that the US, British and Israeli military and civilian intelligence agencies will begin to stage large-scale attacks within Iran (or on Iranian assets in the Middle East) and have "al-Zawahiri", in the form of some disembodied voice on the internet, claim responsibility.

From a manufactured war on Islamic terrorism to an equally manufactured war between Islamic peoples of the Middle East, and all of it hinged upon a truly outrageous fantasy called "al-Qaeda".