Did you get a bang out of life last Wednesday?

YPCT is investigating the source of a massive, window-rattling boom that had residents from Moonta to Kadina to Cunliffe scurrying outside in search of a cause last Wednesday evening at around 5.30 pm.

The mystery deepened on Thursday with Kadina police saying not only were there no reports of any damage but no one had called to report the incident.

In the past, blasts from the army's El Alamein range across the gulf on Eyre Peninsula have been audible on NYP with the right weather but an Army spokesperson told YPCT there was no testing going on that day.

The idea of a sonic boom doesn't fly either, with a spokesperson from Edinburgh airbase saying it would be highly unusual for their craft to have that sort of impact and, after checking their records, he confirmed there were no jets in the sky that evening.

YPCT is seeking information from Primary Industries to establish if the boom came from a mine explosion, possibly near Wallaroo.

Comment: Or possibly a meteorite exploding overhead?