The Daily Echo has been receiving reports of some strange and suspicious looking lights shining in the night sky above Totton and the New Forest.

Some puzzled readers have spotted unidentified lights and believe it could be another UFO sighting above our region.

One confused reader commented: "I saw lots of lights in the sky above Totton at about 9pm. Can you shed any light on these? Did anyone else see?"

These are not the only recent possible UFO sightings above Hampshire.

As reported in the Daily Echo, a Southampton family spotted a strange triangular shape in the sky above the M27 back in February. Then a mother and son who were driving in Chandler's Ford later that month witnessed a column of green light shooting through the sky before seeing a white flash in front of their car.

But we suspect these latest sightings are most likely to be the laser lights currently projected from new cruise ship Ventura, who is docked in Southampton until she leaves for her maiden Mediterranean voyage next Friday.

The vessel is ablaze with bright lights every night, including lasers that shoot high into the dark sky.