A RING'S End man has described how a strange light in the sky gave him the 'heebie-jeebies' on Thursday night.

Andrew Warren and his son, Stephen Whitrod, spotted a series of lights in the sky over their March Road home at around 11pm as they were checking on their chickens.

Mr Warren said he initially thought the lights were from the police helicopter, but then realised there was no noise.

"It was low enough and near enough for there to be noise, but there wasn't much. There was a slight engine noise, but nothing you could really identify," said Mr Warren.

He said initially there was a diamond pattern of lights, which were like nothing you would normally associate with an aeroplane, and again the lack of noise made him dismiss it as being a military aircraft.

Then a second and third set of lights appeared from different directions and these were different to the first set. One set was in a V-shape.

Mr Warren said they seemed to hover before moving off and disappearing.

He said the lights were red, and also a blue-white colour and certainly did not fit the patterns normally seen in the skies when there are jets doing flying exercises.

"We have a lot of jets and other military aircraft flying over here, so I know what they look like and I also know there is a lot of noise, and this was just not normal.

"Whatever it was it gave me the heebie-jeebies. I tried looking at the lights through binoculars but I still couldn't see very well," said Mr Warren.