A mysterious unidentified craft, described as "large" and with a "yellowish light", was seen by numerous residents in the city of Cordoba province on Monday night (03-31-08) in a sighting confirmed by journalist Alfredo Cieres. The sighting was confirmed by the Argentinean Air Force.

Carlos Oyola, a spokesman for the Argentinean Air Force, told Radio Rio Cuarto that there were no flights scheduled at that time for either commercial or military craft, stressing that the object reported, "did not correspond to any conventional type of aircraft."

The object was seen on Monday at 22:30 hours in a rather exposed area of the city while it made elliptical east-to-west movements at high speed. An operator for the Air Force who was at the control tower at the Rio Cuarto airport saw the object in the sky and tried to make radio contact with it, but no response was given.

Oyola confirmed that "there has been a sighting by one of the control tower operators, involving precisely an object that did not correspond to a commercial, military aircraft or any conventional one, nor did it correspond to the any of the satellites that are often seen."

Several residents of Rio Cuarto who were enjoying the evening also became aware of the UFOs presence and alerted local radio stations.

Witnesses to the object's presence noted that it was large, with a yellowish light, more so than that of satellites which can be seen over the area.

While the air force authorities confirmed that the object seen over Rio Cuarto was unidentified, they avoided stating that it could have been an extraterrestrial craft. Nor was any indication given that the object left traces of its passing over the area.

Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Planeta UFO.