Two British expats said yesterday they had seen four UFOs flying over Pervolia in the early hours of Friday.

Giving their names as Anthony and Jimmy, the two men said they were driving home from their night shift between 5am and 6am when they spotted four objects moving in the sky.

One was green, Anthony said.

They followed the UFOs, which they said were moving towards the lighthouse and continued to see them from the verandah of their house.

Anthony said the UFOs were clustered, with two a little higher up.

The unidentified craft then moved higher in the sky and disappeared. The two men were watching the phenomenon from the house for a full 15 minutes, they said.

"I don't even believe in UFOs," said Anthony, adding, however, that from the shape of the craft, they could not be planes.

Asked if they had been out for a few drinks, Anthony said: "I don't drink. We were on our way home from work".

Paphos-based Linda Leblanc, whose organisation Psychognosia keeps track of reported UFO sightings over Cyprus, urged caution yesterday, saying that on Friday morning, February 1, Venus and Jupiter converged in the southeastern sky less than 1 degree apart. This causes them to beam like a pair of celestial headlights, she said.

However, Leblanc did say that sightings had been increasing around the world lately and there have been a number of recorded incidences in Cyprus in recent years.

The last published UFO sighting in Cyprus was early last November over Limassol. A video was posted on YouTube but later debunked as a sky lantern.

Two weeks later, another UFO was reportedly spotted over Kyrenia.