A UFO sighting has been reported by an Observer reader.

Mason Woodhams described seeing a "green fireball track across the sky" at about 11.05pm last night (Tuesday).

"The head of the fireball was white-yellowy-orange with a bright green fire trail. The whole thing lasted no more than five seconds or so.

"It was quite low and slow in the sky between 15,000 and 20,000 feet, quicker than an aeroplane but slower than a shooting star and it traveled from east to west.

"This was obviously a meteor of some sort burning up, but the fact that it was so low in the sky and a brilliant green colour made this so unusual.

"I spoke to a science teacher this morning about this and he said that either copper or barium gives off a green flame when burnt. As most meteors are made from iron/nickel, I guess this makes this quite a rare phenomenon."

Anyone else who spotted this mysterious fireball on Tuesday night can contact the Observer at observer@trbeckett.co.uk