Western Victoria, Melbourne - Tension gripped Western Victoria residents after witnessing bright light in heavens for two straight nights believed to be a meteor form outer space.

ABC News reported that residents of Ballarat, west of Melbourne, said that they saw a bright orange-colored light in the sky about 10 p.m Tuesday.

Reports said that the bright light looks like a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

It was learned that the object flew around the air for more than one minute, But some residents believed that these flying object could have been a model helicopter.

A model helicopter can fly from zero up to 100 kph in just a few seconds.

Last Monday, calls from the residents of South Australia and Western Victoria were received by authorities and media offices reporting something looking like bright green colored object shooting like a fireball westward in the sky.

Police start to took the calls at around 8pm (CST).

Police confirmed to the ABC News that the Bureau of Meteorology said later that the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the object seen on Monday night was a meteor.