About 22,000 birds have been culled at a poultry farm in south Russia's Krasnodar Territory following a bird flu outbreak, local emergency services said Wednesday.

Specialists from the local veterinary watchdog have launched a set of measures to contain the spread in the Bryukhovetsky District, including health checks, thermal processing of seeds, and scaring wild birds away from farms. Revaccination of domestic birds in the region is underway.

Local health authorities decided to cull birds in two buildings near the pavilion in which the outbreak was detected. As no new cases of bird flu have been registered so far, a complete cull on the farm is unlikely.

Ex-Soviet republic Armenia announced it would put an embargo on poultry imports from Russia as soon as it receives an official notification of the outbreak from Russian authorities.

A local prosecutor said criminal charges could be pressed against the farm's managers.

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations warned last month of a threat of bird flu outbreaks in the Chelyabinsk Region, in the south Urals.