A reader recently commented on the SOTT video accompanying the SOTT editorial: 'Israeli release of prisoners an example of Zionist propaganda'
I watched the latest video included in the article entitled "Israeli release of prisoners an example of Zionist propaganda", and I'd like to express a few thoughts that have been niggling at me.

While I generally agree with the comparisons made on that video, and think the video is a good idea, I don't think it portrays a totally accurate picture of the reality.

The first comparison shows the superiority of Israeli rockets, that's fine, perfectly correct. The second shows the air capabilities of the Israeli army compared to a kite flown by a Palestinian kid, that's a valid point too in my opinion.

However, the last comparison shows an Israeli soldier armed to the teeth in full military gear, then next to that, as a comparison of how much better equipped the Israelis are, it shows Palestinian kids throwing rocks.

Supposedly, this demonstrates the limited firing capabilities of the Palestinians relative to the Israelis. It seems to be suggesting that the Palestinians have no means of protecting themselves from the might of the Israeli beast, which is, as many Palestinian civilians have seen, horrifically true.

Ok, on one level, I see what this video is saying, but let's face it, are there NO Palestinian militias who are armed with guns? Of course there are! In fact, many would argue that they have seen rows of Palestinian Children armed with AK-47's on the news.

Of course, as a waterproof argument, SOTT would point towards evidence suggesting that this was propaganda and that many Palestinians are forced into these actions, and that the root of the problem IS the USA and Israel. However, IMO if that video was the first thing seen by a curious person who isn't familiar with the alternative argument, they might not be convinced, or prompted to read further.

From what I could see, the video is trying to objectively portray the ridiculous differences of the military powers of both sides, but, these comparisons don't follow the same vein all the way through the video.

On the last comparison, it would follow the same angle if it perhaps showed that armed Palestinians aren't as well equipped as the Israeli soldiers, but I think showing a few kids hurling rocks as an example of the firing capabilities of the Palestinians is a bit misleading.

The point is that the Israelis are using an unnecessary amount of force against the Palestinians that are practically defenceless, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any Palestinians who are resorting to using guns. The video omits that fact, and many people would notice this.
What is really being stated here is that Israeli and US propaganda about the "Middle East conflict" has effectively convinced most people that there is indeed a real "conflict" going on between Israelis and Palestinians, or more to the point, that there are two sides that are in fact "at war" with each other. This is simply not true. And it is this propaganda that we sought to fight in making this video.

While it is true that we must consider the fact that people have been misled by this propaganda, we cannot however promote any part of that propaganda in our efforts to fight it. The reality of the "Middle East conflict" is that, while a small percentage of Palestinians have rudimentary weapons, they have no effective way to use even these weapons, meaning that they may as well not have them. In most instances, the only weapons that the Palestinians have to fight back with are stones. This is the reality that is not presented by the mainstream media.

Further evidence that this is in fact the reality on the ground in Palestine is seen in the record of Israeli soldiers that have been killed by Palestinians with guns during the course of the last Palestinian uprising. Virtually none. Recent reports of the activities of the Fatah party and in particular Mohammed Dahlan, show quite clearly that the weapons in the hands of Palestinians are put there by Israel and are either for propaganda purposes (to suggest that the Palestinians have an effective means to wage war against Israel) or are used to sow discord between the Palestinian factions.

As for "suicide bombings", we have already revealed the reality that lies behind this elsewhere.

Our video therefore was not misleading but rather true to life. Every one of the 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip are targets for Israeli guns. There are 168,000 active IDF troops, ALL of them have access to the latest weaponry. Of the 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip, about 10,000 at most, are Hamas members/militia and only they have access to the weapons that are allowed them by Israel. The other 1.29 million Palestinians have stones, or nothing, as shown in the video, yet everyone on of them is a target for the 168,000 heavily armed IDF.

So basically, 10% of the Gaza population has a gun, and 100% of their enemy has a gun. Portraying the IDF versus the Palestinians as rocks against high tech weapons is therefore a largely accurate reflection of the situation.

Picture, if you will, the scenario of a landlord and an unruly peasant worker. The peasant has insulted the "honor" of the landlord in some way and he demands "satisfaction". Basically, the landlord wants to kill the peasant, yet he does not want it to appear to others that he has murdered the peasant in cold blood. So he arranges a "duel".

Before the duel, he arranges for his men to break the peasant's arms, and then supplies the peasant with a gun that does not work with which to fight. The duel takes place with the expected results. To the onlookers however, it appears that a "fair fight" has taken place.

This scenario describes the situation in the Middle East conflict very well.

For all its contrived complexities, the Israeli/Palestine matter is not complex. It is creeping genocide. From an historical point of view, the Nazi murder of 12 million people was not "complex". It was mass murder. Exactly how the Nazis went about committing their crimes and how they covered it up is perhaps complex, but the fact of what they did is not complex. The events of Nazi Germany vis a vis the Jews and 6 million other minorities in Germany at that time provides another very real parallel to what is happening in Palestine.

Genocide is the most heinous act that can be perpetrated by psychopaths against normal human beings. In each historical instance, genocide has been carried out under a cloak of lies and subtle and not-so-subtle disinformation and manipulation of the facts of the matter by one or more of the perpetrators or 'interested parties'. This manipulation is always an attempt to muddy the waters and create the impression that the blame does not lie only with one side, but is shared between the two sides. This is a common ploy of the psychopath when committing unspeakable crimes, crimes for which they are the solely responsible.

The end result of this propaganda is that the public is left with the feeling that "the truth lies somewhere in the middle", that war "just happens", that war in fact possesses a life of its own and that no one is ultimately responsible. Consider the fact that it is by way of this meme that all wars instigated by psychopaths have been, and continue to be sanctioned by the masses, even those who suffer most as a result.

The sad fact of the matter is that most people do not want to hear the truth. For those of us interested in the truth, it is difficult to disabuse ourselves of the desire to believe that as long as we have hard facts to support it, we can convince anyone of the truth. Most people don't care about facts, they have the "truth" that is spoon-fed to them in the form of the lies and disinformation of the mainstream media and their governments, so as far as they are concerned, that is the truth, or it is at least the "truth" they chose to believe.

At the same time, many of the more reasonable and open-minded people will respond to any attempt to share facts with them with: "well, it's impossible to know what is really happening, so what's the point?" The point is that they don't want to bothered with scary facts that shatter their comfortable world view. They are not bad people, it's just that your facts have woken them up for a brief moment, and they don't like it and want to go back to sleep.

It is pretty amazing to watch sometimes, to see someone who is physically and mentally unable to 'go there', regardless of the eminent citations we might offer them. Sometimes it is like watching a machine going into "does not compute" "blue screen of death" mode. Truly bizarre.

For example, I could provide historical documents to prove, categorically, that Zionist agents during WWII collaborated with the Nazis and placated the Jews in the death camps in order that they not rebel and that in doing so, these Zionists actually facilitated the holocaust. Do you think this would turn people around and make them overthrow a lifetime of programming? For most, it simply is not going to happen.

Ordinary people are at their most creative when coming up with counter arguments to snuff out disturbing facts that...well, disturb them.

I could present a person with countless historically accurate accounts of British and American high command deliberately creating terror gangs in order that genuine resistance movements would cop the blame and become transformed into "terrorists" for the folks back home in order that the high command could begin a campaign to wipe them out. I could scientifically make a case that should convince any supposedly sane person, beyond reasonable doubt, that the creation of fake terrorism by those that then sound the war drums to fight the very same terrorism that they created, is the reality in regard to modern day "terrorism". How many people would go home and tell their friends and family about this exciting new revelation?

Having recognised all of this, we are forced to accept that the only method at our disposal by which we can hope to level the playing field in favor of the victims (ultimately all normal human beings) is to continuously reveal the full Truth of the matter - that, in the case of Israel/Palestine "conflict", there is no conflict. It is not a low level war between two armed forces, it is the slow creeping genocide of one defenseless people by another fully armed one.

Our reader is however correct in stating that by presenting the Truth of the matter as we do in this video, we will likely be accused of "misleading" and "distorting the facts", even when in reality we are not. We cannot avoid this because we cannot shrink from exposing the full Truth of this particular matter, before it is too late, because it is getting very late. When the 'lights' finally go out over the "holy land", and yet another act of mass murder has been perpetrated by the psychopaths in power, right under the noses of the masses of sleeping people, we would prefer not to have to admit to ourselves that we did not do everything in our power to at least bring some attention to the truth of why such acts of inhumanity appear to repeat themselves over and over again.