Robert Allen wasn't surprised when the story of the cattle mutilation last October in the small town of Kanjilon, New Mexico was buried way inside the local paper. After all, the hoopla over cattle mutilations - which were a big subject back in the 1980s - has died down in the last decade or so. The problem is that while the newsworthiness of the subject has died down, cattle mutilations have not.

Robert Allen looks at the mutilated carcass of a bull on his small ranch in Northerne New Mexico. Allen says there is a possibility that visitors from outer space are conducting experiments on animals. [Courtesy Photo]

There are still hundreds, if not thousands, reported worldwide each year. Allen, a local expert in subjects like UFOs and alien abductions, has been spending his own time and money investigating the phenomena or the past 15 years. He was in the area in October when he heard of a rancher near Kanjilon - a small community of about 200 peoples south of the Colorado border some 280 miles northeast of Gallup -who came across his prized four-year-old bull dead and mutilated in a field near his home. Not only mutilated but cut in a strange way. Its genitals and anus were cut away and its blood was totally drained. Even odder was that there was no blood where the bull was found. There were also no footsteps or prints of any kind going to or from the bull.

Allen went to the site to look at the bull first-hand, and he talked to the family, who were still in shock and worried about what it all meant. "The wife sat down with me and was competed terrified," Allen said.

They began remembering other strange things, like the fact that they heard a "strange helicopter" flying overhead the night before. No helicopters were reported to be in the area that night, Allen said.

These kinds of questions are a normal part of Allen's life. He has spent most of his adult life exploring the possibility that visitors from outer space are among us and have been watching and conducting scientific experiments on animals and humans for decades. "Yes, some people think I am nuts," Allen said.

But he views himself as one of the few who are willing to accept the possibility that extraterrestrials are the cause of some strange things that happen in New Mexico. This includes reports of strange lights in the sky moving in a way that no plane or helicopter can, reports of people who say they are unable to account for large periods of time and feel they have been abducted, and stories of animals that have been mutilated for no reason.

Some would say cattle mutilations are nothing more than pranks by kids who have nothing better to do, but Allen said the mutilations - tens of thousands over the years in almost all parts of the world - would indicate that there is something a lot more sinister than a few juveniles behind all of this. After all, he asked, what happened to the blood, and why are all of the cuts so precise?

The only logical explanation, and the one that makes the most sense to Allen, is in his mind, the simplest: the animals are mutilated by aliens who are trying to find out about life on this planet and are doing so by examining reproductive organs. "People just can't grasp this unless they have actually seen the mutilated animal themselves," he said.

Studies over the years (see sidebar on one done by the FBI in New Mexico some years ago) have not been able to come up with another explanation.

"I think the cuts are done by lasers," Allen said, adding that the animals are brought up to the alien vessel during the experiments, which is why there is no blood.

The ship then drops off the animals, which is why there are no footprints anywhere around the animal. These animals are sometimes left alone for several days before they are found by their owners. "But no predator will eat off the animal, and coyotes will eat anything," Allen said.

Allen often is asked to give lectures on the subject. He said he also makes himself available to people who are want to learn more about these subjects or want to join in his research.

He feels that history will some day prove that he was right. Until then, he plans to keep on doing what he has been doing for more than 15 years - trying to unravel the mystery of cattle mutilations and alien abductions.

"You can either pretend that these things didn't happen or you can look at it with an open mind," he said.

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