Earthquakes are a relatively rare phenomenon in the UK but the country has suffered a number in recent years.

:: The largest earthquake recorded in the UK happened about 75 miles north-east of Great Yarmouth in the North Sea on 7 June, 1931.

:: It measured 6.1 and was felt across Britain, in eastern Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and parts of Germany, France, Norway and Denmark.

:: The largest tremor in recent times measured 5.4 and happened at Nefyn, north Wales in July, 1984. There was little structural damage.

:: The second largest earthquake of recent years, measuring 5.1, was recorded at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, in April 1990 and was felt over an area of approximately 87,000 square miles.

:: Minor structural damage was limited to buildings in Wrexham and Shrewsbury.

:: In 2002 an earthquake measuring 5.0 shook for 30 seconds in Dudley, West Midlands. It caused minor structural damage.

:: An small earthquake measuring 4.2 was felt in Warwick in 2002. There was little structural damage.

:: A minor earthquake measuring 4.1 shook Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, in October 2001, causing structural damage to several buildings.

:: Two small earthquakes in Dumfries and Galloway were felt on Boxing Day 2006. The tremor measured 3.5. No injuries or damage were reported.