A mother and daughter saw a UFO over Dumfries - the third sighting this month.

Debbie Easton and daughter Imogen witnessed unusual objects in the sky last Thursday.

Their sighting adds further intrigue to the Dumfriesshire UFO Mystery which has left the public and the police baffled.

Debbie and Imogen were driving along Glasgow Street in the town at around 8.30pm when four strange lights appeared in the sky.

But as they stopped for a closer look, the light disappeared.

"It was very strange," said housing worker Debbie.

"There were four lights in total.

"Two of them were together and the other two seemed to fly across the sky to join them.

"So it could have been one, two or even four different UFOs, I don't know.

"But they were round shaped objects.

"It has been suggested it was a fighter jet trail but I have been to air shows and I know what that looks like in the sky and it wasn't like this."

Debbie drove round towards the Ice Bowl and stopped to look closer at the lights which seemed to be above the Locharbriggs area - close to where a Tinwald woman saw them a week earlier.

"They were a few hundred feet in the sky but there was not a sound," she said.

"Then they just seemed to fizzle out and disappear as if someone had switched them off.

"I can't explain it.

"I wish I could.

"But it was definitely not a plane, a comet or a star."

Debbie says 15-year-old Imogen was worried it was the end of the world.

She joked: "She was worried we were getting invaded by aliens or that the world was going to end, but I told her it was ok."

Debbie's experience ties in with the sightings of the Tinwald mother and a pensioner, Brian Stead from Ecclefechan who both saw a UFO on the night on March 15.

They both described it as being a round object with lights on it, making no noise and flying very fast.

That incident was reported to police who checked it out with air traffic control and the RAF but said it "remains unexplained".