A series of UFO sightings over the Borders have baffled police.

Dozens of people reported strange lights and round objects speeding silently across the sky on the same night.

The RAF have bases in the area but say no jets were out on March 15.

And air traffic controllers say their radar screens were blank. Debbie Easton and her daughter Imogen, 15, were driving through Dumfries at 8.30pm when they saw four strange objects hovering a few hundred feet above the town.

Debbie said: "Two were together and the others flew to join them, then fizzled out and vanished."


The police switchboard was jammed with calls from others who saw them. Retired taxi driver Brian Stead, of Ecclefechan, said: "There was a white light coming towards us, then red and a blue ones. They went past faster than any plane could go."

Chief Inspector Mickey Collins said police could not explain the sightings.

He said: "We take this type of complaint very seriously and would encourage anyone with any concerns to come forward."