Lancaster County is getting own March Madness today, courtesy of Mother Nature.

The county awoke to rain, which turned to slushy sleet, which turned to snow, which was supposed to accumulate 4 to 8 inches by midnight in most areas of the county.

Northern and higher areas of the county could get more snow, maybe close to a foot, said Eric Horst, Millersville University meteorologist.

This late-season snow surge comes, of course, on the heels of near 80-degree weather earlier this week, and ahead of 60-ish weather that's supposed to return next week.

"Whatever snow we get, most of it is gone after the weekend," Horst said. "That's a hallmark of spring storms. It doesn't last."

As it fell today, the snow did create headaches for many folks.

Many school districts announced early dismissals. The Heritage Center cancelled Saturday's History Day competition for area school children at Penn Manor High School.

By mid-morning, the number of accidents started to increase and included several on Route 30 and an overturned vehicle in Millersville.

State transportation road crews were salting and plowing today, as the slush accumulated on the roads. Crews were called out at 4 a.m., said maintenance manager Charles Enoch.

The snow should begin to melt Saturday, which is predicted to be mostly cloudy, with a lingering flurry and a high in the upper 30s.

Sunday will be partly sunny, with a high temperature near 40 and "lots of melting," Horst said.

Temperatures in the mid-40s are expected for Monday and near 50 for Tuesday. By Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures are expected to reach close to 60 degrees.