HONOLULU - Spring is nearly upon us, but a chill is sweeping the state.

With temperatures dipping into the 50's in some neighborhoods people are talking about the cold spell.

Beth Hillyer is live in Kalihi with more on the winter weather.

The place is packed at Boulevard Saimen in Kalihi.

Tiffany Robertson enjoys her bowl, "Oh yeah, saimen is the best when it's cold like this."

The manager likes the cold weather since customers are looking for a way to warm up.

"Saimen, it's warm when it's cold, it's the best thing you can eat, comfort food."

Others found comfort not in food but in a cup of hot coco.

Joann Matsuo admits it was so cold this morning she stayed in bed until noon. "It's actually warmer in here than out there. I am freezing. I heard tomorrow is going to be the coldest day of the winter. And I have a heating blanket I bought so hopefully that will be sufficient."

Others like the cold snap. Napoleon Arline says, "Well it's cool and I'm enjoying it but I like the cold weather always have. Chilly but good though I even had my air conditioner on though. "

And this couple still sips ice cold drinks. Barbara Valdez explains, "I moved here a year ago and this is the first time I put on sweater and jeans."

Gabriel Valenzuela adds, "You wake up feel cold breeze coming in the window and doesn't feel like Hawaii right now."

They are on their way to the Punahou carnival which will be chilly.

Valenzuela concludes, "Well I guess the good thing is that you have a good reason to cuddle and hug her now."

Saimin, hot chocolate and cuddling. Some creative ways of keeping warm.