TAMPA, Fla. -- Andre Javage says he was just amazed when first he saw his car after ice fell from the sky and destroyed his car.

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Mashed Mustang. Big chunk of ice destroyed car in Tampa. Tampa Bay's 10 image.

Javage, 20, who had left the car at a friend's house, says he thought his friends were playing a practical joke and he hung up when he first got the call about the ice after the Sunday incident.

While a map of flights from Tampa International of flight activity does show there were three flights departing at the same time the ice fell, experts say departing planes could not have dropped the ice. Furthermore, the house is to the north of the airport, and all the departures were to the south.

Dr. David Travis says the ice could be a "megacryometeor," a result of global warming. Travis says the theory is that the ozone layer is trapping in gases that make the earth warmer, but the atmosphere above the ozone is actually getting colder.

The megacryometeor is like a giant hailstone that forms in the cold air and drops to the earth