They may be all around us... in the sky, in the water, even in our homes. They have been captured only on film and videotape. No one knows what they are, where they come from, whether or not they are alive, and they have never been touched or seen at rest.

They are called "rods," "skyfish" and sometimes "solar entities." Although the video evidence is compelling that they are quite real and probably living creatures, they are completely unknown to science - a fascinating and baffling mystery.


Skyfish were first documented by filmmaker Josי Escamilla, who discovered them by accident. In 1994, Escamilla had videotaped a "conventional" UFO near Midway, New Mexico. Fourteen days later, while seeking to photograph the UFO again, he instead captured a flying object that was not a vehicle of any kind. At first he thought it was just an insect or bird. When he examined the film frame by frame, however, it became clear that what he had captured on film was something unknown. Later, more distinct images were captured while Escamilla was filming cliff jumpers at a deep cave in Mexico. When he developed the film, small flying things could be seen zipping around the divers at a high rate of speed - so fast that they weren't seen with the naked eye.

The enhanced frames of film revealed that the flying thing appeared to be rod-shaped with two undulating wings or appendages along the length of the body and which gave it the appearance of swimming through the air. Escamilla dubbed them "rods" and has since filmed and videotaped them dozens of times. And after introducing them to the public through his website,, he has received further reports and video and photographic evidence from other parts of the US and around the world. The strange flying enigmas have also turned up in documentary footage, TV news shots and even feature films.

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Are They Alive?

Without a specimen in hand to examine, it's impossible to determine whether or not skyfish are living organisms, but it's Escamilla's best guess that they are. The video evidence certainly makes them seem so. They move through the air like insects or birds, sometimes darting around objects with a kind of animal intelligence - but at a speed far greater than any known insect or bird. How fast? Analysis of film and video of skyfish from around the world indicate that they can be moving as fast as 150 to 1,000 miles per hour - faster than the speed of sound.

How big are they? The same analysis indicates that they might range in size from just a few inches to perhaps over a hundred feet in length! How could something that large be unknown? That's part of the skyfish mystery, yet there they are on video.

Although most skyfish have been seen in the air outdoors, they have also been photographed and videotaped indoors and even underwater. A photograph displayed on Kitty's Kitchen website appears to show a skyfish in mid-flight ready to pass through a doorway in her home. And a TV news report on Escamilla from KCOP Channel 13 includes clear footage of a skyfish swimming in a stream, indicating that they are equally at home in the water.

How To Photograph Skyfish

Experiments have shown that skyfish could be virtually anywhere - possibly right outside your home. Using your home video camera, you can find out. A technique developed by actor John "Bro" Wilkie shows how to get the best results. As shown in the diagram link on this page, set up your video camera on a tripod near your home or where there is some other kind of overhang. Adjust the camera's zoom to its maximum telephoto setting. Aim the camera toward the sun - but NOT AT the sun - so that the overhang is actually blocking out the sun and the camera is only seeing the sun's corona and sky.

Start taping and let it run for 15 minutes to a half hour. When you view the tape, you might not see anything right away, or you might see insects and birds flying past the field of view. Use your video camera's or VCR's slow motion function on its slowest setting to view the video. If you're lucky, you will have captured a skyfish. If not, try again another time.

Using this method, many intriguing and utterly puzzling "sun entities" were captured on tape by one experimenter and can be seen on the "Entity/Rods/UFOs" website. These intriguing, often beautiful things, some seen in close-up detail, defy identification.

What Are They?

Strictly speaking, they are UFOs - unidentified flying objects. Apart from that, what skyfish really are is anyone's guess. Most likely they are cryptozoological creatures - animals that science has not yet identified or even recognized as being real. Some have suggested that they are alien creatures (might they even be on Mars?) or spiritual beings. Others say that, because the creatures are so elusive and ephemeral, they might be interdimensional creatures - zipping effortlessly between their dimension and ours.

We won't know what skyfish are until one can be captured for examination. But even that might prove fruitless. A person who has corresponded with Josי Escamilla claims to have captured a small skyfish and placed it in a jar. In this unverified case, before the specimen could be examined by a professional, the creature allegedly dissolved into a gel-like substance that quickly evaporated.